Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Responsibility (part 1)

This is a shout out to all ministers, pastors, preachers, evangelists, prophets, and teachers who believe God is giving you a Word from heaven to attack women in their responsibilities in a marriage (James 3:1-2 AMP). I have heard sermons since I was 13 years old (a year prior to me being introduced to Jesus). There has always been this humongous issue the ministries have had with women and their role as wives, mothers, working outside of the home, older women teaching the younger, being the one that was beguiled while Adam sat idly by not doing anything. Well, dad-nab-it...enough!!!

It's time to stop all of this blame placing and take some responsibility for your own faults and misgivings. Its high time to stop trying to place women in the mix of bad decisions made by men. And its more then enough time to stop saying God told you to say this to a congregation when He had nothing to do with it!!!

I was listening to yet another sermon this morning. I look forward in listening to this man teach, but when he continued to pontificate on women being lovers of their husband, I started to get frustrated as I have in the past. Why? Because I patiently wait for the minister to please balance the message out with the role of the husband. As I wait and wait for there to be some sort of verse, a small statement, maybe it will be in the form of a hymnal, or within the devotional just doesn't happen and I am still in the stage of hope as he/she says amen and dismisses the congregation until the next service later in the week. Maybe there will be a part 2...nope!

Would God give us an imbalanced meal (Revelation 3:16 AMP)? Would God give us dessert without the nutrition that the meal would offer? Would God have His Son do any of these things when He says that He is of decency and order ( 1 Corinthians 14:40 AMP)? So why would a minister being the "mouth piece of God"do such things to God's people?

Needless to write, I didn't wait to hear the entire sermon as I was driving to work. I knew the outcome would not be favorable to women...again. Instead, I got angry and began ranting to God and asking Him why? Why do the clergy think this is okay? The answer I got is the same as the work place. There is a hierarchy. If the ministers started to preach against what men have been doing and the pastor is a man, then get ready for men to leave the church. If it was on the job, get ready to have a hard time at work. But who are they serving? Isn't there more fear in what God can do than man? Yeesh! Children learn this in Sunday School.

Let's actually open the bible and see what the Word really says about the role of man and how it works for society to be whole and normal again. God created animals from the dirt...then He created man...from the dirt. God created woman from man...the only being that was NOT created from the dirt. Pause and think about that calmly (selah).

God is the head of Jesus.
Jesus is the head of the church and man.
Man is the head of the wife.
Wife is the head of the household. This is order. It began in the beginning. Adam spoke it into existence, the moment he saw the woman. So what happened (and don't skip this part. Its why ministers have been preaching craziness)?

Adam was told to care for the garden (Genesis 2:15 TLB). Is that self explanatory? What is the garden? His environment? His dwelling place? His household? Selah. Adam was told to name all that was brought to him. Did Adam do this? There are species being found today that are now being named. We can say that man is doing this, but did Adam? When did he see woman? Did he name her when he saw her or did he just claim her as his first? Alright, we have seen twice where Adam was disobedient even before woman was created and named. Was there a third time?

Yes, when he took the fruit from the forbidden tree and did eat of it. Did the woman have to go search for Adam? No, he was right there with her. Why did he allow for the serpent to talk to the woman? Why did he not correct what she was thinking seeing Adam got the command directly from God? Why did he not keep her from even going near the forbidden tree? Did he not love her? Did he not love himself? How are we still believing that the woman was beguiled when Adam and the woman was one? Why are we not seeing that whatever she did, it was inclusive? Because Adam separated the act, the punishment was separated and so was the relationship he had with her and what he had with God. Do you see the huge responsibility man has? This is colossal! Why not preach this?

Honestly, the question was rhetorical. We know why this isn't preached. If it was, the preacher would have to do some deep self actualization. I am finding, man doesn't really like nor want to get that deep into himself  (sigh).

Responsibility (part 2)

The head needs direction for the body to do anything. God is the head of all. Jesus kept in constant relationship with God to complete the tasks He had to do. He said it is finished (John 19:30 AMP). Now it is up to man to be able to fulfill his part. Where was he going to get that direction? Who was he going to speak to now that Jesus received His reward in heaven as we are all supposed to be doing. He stayed in constant relationship with God. We are to be in constant relationship with Him. So we begin by denying ourselves and fulfilling the destination He has mapped out for us (Luke 9:23 AMP). We learn through the Word...just like Jesus did. His parents came to find Him and He said He was about His Father's business at age 12 (Luke 2:49 KJV). This is the instruction and direction for men. He cannot teach himself. Therefore, he attends church services where the pastor, preacher, minister, teacher, and/or evangelist has done nothing but stay before God to know and understand what he or she must serve to God's children. The clergy has sacrificed their entire life to this one calling in being "the mouth piece of God." They have studied. They have prayed. So the people come to hear what is necessary for them to progress and be successful (1 Corinthians 9:19-23 AMP). What happened?

I heard a woman retort when she heard the same verse about the man being the head of the woman. She said, "yes, but the head can't move without the neck." I understand the opposing attitude in the comment because women have been regarded as the less of everything. Its as much as having to deal with fighting words against the very core of your being. However as Christians, we have to...we must process information different and consider what is the source. Who is our source? This can only be done with study and having relationship with God. There I go getting ahead of myself.

Let's get back to where this is all coming from and spread out the sheet to see how to make this bed and lie in it comfortably. You see after the "fall of man" there was this curse that has not been discussed because it didn't seem like a curse to men. But know because he didn't understand and never asked questions, the curse continued to the point of breaking down the core of the family even until this day. There are times where I wonder when believers see the answer and still say nothing is it because they don't wish to be wrong or they don't wish to face the back lash from all of the speakers who have been living this way and all of the generations in the past with no one saying anything. Its frustrating to think about; but how much longer will it be before allowing this truth to set us all free?

You see, its stuck in the middle there. When God said to the woman that she will have pain during child birth and that her husband will have authority over her and she will desire her husband (Genesis 3:16 AMP). This curse has not been dealt with. Instead it has been incorporated in the marriage vows. It has been esteemed on Women's Day when Esther is viewed as being highly favored and how she stayed away from the king unless he called for her and how she cooked his favorite meal before she asked anything of him. We read about women staying in the back of the church and if she had any questions about what was taught, she was to remain silent until she got home to ask her husband and only him (1 Corinthians 14:34-35 AMP). Anything else would be considered as disrespect...depending on the culture, opposing this direction could be the deciding factor in not sparing this woman's life.These were lessons to the younger women to know how to treat their own husbands. But isn't it odd how this never satisfied their own husbands in forsaking others or cherishing his own wife or supporting her or not leaving the wife of his youth? How did this happen? Its the Word. The Word adds life not confusion, not discord, not error.

Answer: by incorporating the curse in the marriage. God was NOT in the midst of that. What pastor, preacher, minister, evangelist, prophet, or teacher wants to hear that especially when they are already married or has married so many couples with those same vows again and again and again? If the truth came out, what happens to the existing church as we know it (Romans 2:21 AMP)? People would be looking at clergy differently. The questions would come with a different attitude especially thinking that these people are the mouth pieces of God yet decided not to listen to the rudimentary building blocks of a marriage and in so doing ruined the nuclear family because error does what it does... it destroys. If you don't believe what you read, ask them. Ask any one of them if they aren't using the same marital vows that has been used for centuries. Ask them if the husband should have authority over the wife. Ask if the woman should desire her husband? After they answer those questions, ask if they have been using their answers in the wedding vows that they have presided over. Then finally ask, wasn't all of that a part of the curse? They cannot deny it. They have to accept it. It is the only way for change to occur. You are responsible. Now what?!!! What will you do, pastor, preacher, evangelist, prophet, apostle, minister, teacher to make that wrong, right (Ephesians 4:11-16 AMP)?