Sunday, April 17, 2016

If It Wasn't For That Woman...

Earlier this week I was driving to work and listening to some Christian talk radio, as I often do. I love listening to God's Word and receiving revelation knowledge. In this particular show I was listening to, the topic was relationship and in specific, it was the family. I did agree that the break down of the nuclear family means the break down of communities and society as we know it. It was so poignant and profound. The two men who were hosting had a female speaker. They were getting along all so well..and then one of the men asked her a question about the wife and if it were anyone else's responsibility for her happiness but her own. The female speaker hesitated slightly and then said some annoying cliche instead of the Word.
Why? Why? Freaking why?

She was doing so well before that. She had them eating out of the palm of her hand. It was pleasant and peaceful. Then she says, "I know the old adage is a happy wife, a happy life but it not how we live. Each of us is responsible for our own happiness." Before I turned the radio off and had my own rant with the Lord, I waited to see what the two male hosts had to say. They also paused briefly before giving a sigh of relief and asking for her to repeat herself (2 Timothy 4:1-5 AMP). By that time, I was seething and wondering why no one called in (because it wasn't a call in show), why no one clicked them off the air (because there was no "dead air"), or why God didn't correct them right then and there with a fourth party (because I wouldn't have had this entry to write).

Let's begin where it first all began...its not like we haven't been here before. Adam and Eve, yeah the real beginning of families and relationships. Where the real ruin of relationships got its roots and continues on even this day. Its when Adam...Adam...Adam disobeyed God (Genesis 3:17-19 AMP). I just don't get why no one preaches about that. Its not like anyone on the pulpit represents Adam. we all are representing Christ. So call a duck a duck!!! Adam was created first. He was the head of Eve. He had rule over EVERYTHING!!!  (Genesis 1:26-31 AMP)How come this is not incorporated in understanding relationships. With Jesus, man resumes his position and with benefits. Seriously, get this!!!

If Adam guarded the garden and protected it like he was supposed to, the serpent would have never spoken to Eve. If Adam named everything that God brought to him, Eve would have had her name before the "fall of man"(Genesis 2:19-20 AMP). Adam's first offense allowed the serpent in. Adam's second offense allowed for the woman to be beguiled by the serpent.

Image result for sigh of reliefNow, let's understand relationship. God said, if you meditate on the Word day and night, then you will have good success (Joshua 1:8 AMP). Why would you have to meditate on the Word day and night. Isn't that being too excessive? No one really studies that much  - does anyone? It's ridiculous, right? But in order for you to get good grades in school, you studied. In order to finish college to get a good job, you studied. In order to do well to get a promotion, you studied. What's the issue here? In order to have good success, you need God. How else are you going to get that? You are NOTHING without Him (John 15:5 AMP). Jesus studied for more than 18 years. Didn't He have good success?

So now, let's connect the dots. God gave everything to Adam to have dominion. He gave him a woman to be his help. She was created for man (get over yourself ladies and stop trying to get around that one). She cannot help him unless he has told her of his vision...the one God gave him. You know, He told Adam to protect the garden. He told Adam to name all of the animals in the garden. He told Adam to till the garden. We know he did not do that. But what about you, gentlemen? Do you know what you are called to do so the woman that God has created just for you knows how she can bring all of her skills and talents in to make the vision a reality (Proverbs 29:18 AMP)? No? Then why are you pursuing her?

Getting back to the dots...if she is unhappy in the relationship, would you not care? If she has become flesh of your flesh and bone of your bone, would you not ask what the matter is? If she is one with you, why would you not have a concern of her well being? This is what made me so angry about the radio show. You cannot flip back and forth in and out of the Spirit. You either are walking in it or your aren't (James 1:5-8 AMP). How can any ministry teach other wise? We cannot please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6 AMP). There is no other way to have faith but in the Spirit. So why? Why? WHY?

If you, gentlemen stubbed your toe, would you not take a moment to see if it is bleeding? Wouldn't you stop walking until the throbbing stopped? When you get out the shower, do you not take the time to dry yourself off? Would you not protect your skin with some sort of moisturizer? Do you use aftershave after you shave? When you nick yourself with the razor, don't you use a band aid or those little pieces of tissue to blot the blood? Why do you do that? Because you care for yourself - right? Shall I pause and allow you to think of that calmly (selah)?

Together, as man and woman, you are 1 (Genesis 2:24 AMP). Just one. God sees it that way. The laws of the land see it that way and you should be offended if anyone sees it any other way but that way. Correct? Soooooo, if she is unhappy, who is responsible for her happiness? Is it all on her? Dude...really? If you truly believe that, you need to be single. Seriously.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Heart Surgery

Its been awhile since my last entry. For a moment, I believed I exhausted all of the major topics for the Christian single life. Then I heard a program on the radio about living the lie of  the Christian life style for whatever the purpose and I thought of you...the readers of this blog. Not that it describes you, only information so you will know what to keep watch for. Which of us are perpetrating to get what we can from the other? Do you know? Would you recognize the traits in yourself?

The heart of a true believer is easy to see if you are really interested. I was sitting in a restaurant with my son who just finished his boot camp training. In those short 6 weeks, he could tell from his surroundings, who was in the military and who was a civilian. He even got up and spoke to one of them having never met him before. My father being in the military, never told us that it was an automatic training that one could spot at a glance. In the bible, when Jesus was being convicted for absolutely nothing, the people looked around to catch all that were around Jesus for any length of time. They accused Peter because he dressed and spoke like Jesus. Peter cursed so the people would think otherwise. It must have been the worst day in Peter's life (Matthew 26: 69-75 AMP). Point being, in both instances, it was easy to detect a person trained in the military as well as someone who is committed to the faith in Christ.

It is written, a tree is known by the fruit it bears (Luke 6:44 AMP). Its just that simple. Do you or the person you consider a friend, the potential for a business partner, or a spouse has the fruit you would like to partake of? The fruit of the Holy Spirit is clearly listed. It takes time for the process of developing such fruit and sowing seed for this to be a on a continuum. Yes sowing seed is necessary for God to receive the harvest we have heard preached for all of those Sunday sermons. I hope you knew you are a part of that process. If not...grow up already!!!

Its funny when you think of all that we have asked God for ourselves yet if we asked Him what He
sees when He looks at us, many of us would not want to hear the answer. I often think of when God asked Adam after he sinned, where he was. It is the same question that answers itself, when the coming of Christ is over and those left wonder why when he/she considered themselves as born again believers too. Would God recognize who you are? Will He see you in that day? Will the bridegroom come and we are still not prepared (Matthew 25: 1-13 AMP)? Examining yourself consists of all of the tests we go through with God. We learn some thing new, whether in service or daily living, and we are expected to use that new thing and not resort back to that which has been declared old and passed away. Every single time we use the "old thing" we take steps back to the grave. What do I mean? In using the "old thing" is using the flesh (2 Corinthians 5:17 AMP). It has its own reward which absolutely has nothing to do with life. How exasperating for Jesus must it be to look at the state of the church using the same "old thing" and justifying it with stupid cliche's that have been reiterated over the years with no Word to back it. I wonder if He saw these days when He took the stick and started writing in the sand? I get annoyed just thinking about it knowing I still have matters to clean up too.

So you wanna get married and think you have been waiting way too long; even to the point of saying to yourself, "I am at such and such age and being single all of this time makes no sense." Well, it sure doesn't (James 1:4 KJV). Think for a moment what Jesus must be feeling like having waited all of this time for His bride. He up there with God looking at His bride getting ready for His return; only, just when she is almost complete with all of the body parts in the right places so she doesn't look disabled, a test comes. Not a new test, something that has been tried over and over again. Only there was this pastor, minister, evangelist type that thinks if he/she had to get it on his/her own, why should they do any favors for anyone else that wasn't birthed from them. Yeah, and the disabled body goes through all sorts of crap all over again. All it takes is one person to mess everything up. Don't believe me? Remember Adam? How about Joseph? Esther had a huge role. Oh and then there is Jesus. Yup, just one person. Seriously.

But, there are those who are still in those stages of maturation believing that he/she cannot keep one's self disciplined so marriage is your answer and according to the Word - you are not sinning if this is what you need to do. But, and I mean take that "but" seriously, you WILL have trouble (1 Corinthians 7:28 AMP). It is written...trouble! Who goes into something knowing there is going to be a long hard stretch of torture along the way? Is that why the marriage rate is down in the church? Do you really think you are saving yourselves by playing house without a commitment? If you didn't know, God sees you. You cannot be one way in front of the congregation and someone else behind closed doors. Your sin will find you. It is why preacher's kids have their own label (PK's). Paul writes that he hopes those who believe will continue to do so in his absence...and as they do, do so with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12 KJV). Why would he write that? I think he was allowing for those to rely on God instead of watching to see if this man would do what he taught. It is up to you to be the mature man/woman to walk this life out. You cannot rely on the past nor on anyone else but God.

When you date, he/she must be the mirror image in what you have discovered or desire for yourself. If you decided not to discipline yourself for the one God created just for you, then you get what you get. Stop expecting perfection when you are far from it! If you are raising the bar to have the best of this and that, make sure you can meet that bar. She will be of no help to you if she doesn't understand the principles of Christianity. He will be a thorn in your side if all he can do is spew the kind of words that makes your flesh tingle. You need for your heartt to be in the right place for God to see you in the body. If your heart is not right, He will ask the same question He asked Adam: where are you?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

All of the Bells and Whistles

In this day and age where men have become lovers of self and women...well, we operate from the seed men have sown so what kind of harvest do you think that brings? But God. In this day, you would think that even more so to wait for the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide you to the one that has been created just for you or the one that you were created to help (John 1:13 AMP). Frustration is an emotion that pales when hearing of a born again believer that says, "I am not looking for all of the bells and whistles, just companionship."

How could you not expect all of the bells and whistles? That's like telling the Lord,

 "I know You came for me to have life and have it more abundantly, BUT I'll be satisfied if I just make it in. I don't need all of that abundance stuff...ok?" 

Are you kidding me? So He got ripped to shreds and nailed to the cross for nothing (Galatians 2:20 KJV)? Huh? Wow, why not hand the keys to Satan on a silver platter while you're at it (Matthew 16:19 AMP)? Its so difficult not to call you a fool right now (Proverbs 26 AMP). Moving on.

Alright, I apologize. It took me a few weeks before I could write this entry.  We have made some decisions in our lives that have proved to be challenging but we have powered through them. We have no one else to thank but God, who saw us through it all. Now that we have completed some of our goals successfully, we consider what is missing in our lives rather then counting the blessings that we already have. You see, there is a difference when we consider our ways. 

What you are about to read is a cheat sheet to some life lessons. Understand when the verse was written for the reader to consider his ways, there was also a list of things that were not completed. When we make an account of our lives, what do we do? Do we list all of the goals we would like to accomplish and then check them off as they are completed? Or do we make a list of things we would like to have and then make a list of smaller steps in order to get those things? When has God been incorporated in that list? Where are the verses of scripture you are using for those things to be done and be done the right way (Habakkuk 2:1-3 AMP)?

In Christian dating, this person that you have been texting or writing to on Facebook or talking with on the phone seems to be knowing all of the right things to say. It seems that your prayers have been answered concerning being lonely or not having compatible companionship. Yay! So now, you have made the decision to see this person face to face and hopefully the conversation will be as rich and rewarding as the text messages and the long phone talk-fests. Instead it is dull and you are wondering what you have done wrong. You start bringing up things that don't mean anything to either of you and then you scamper trying to remember the subject matter you both enjoyed talking about over the phone. Still nothing. What is the matter? What have you done wrong? Where is the spark the both of you seemingly had? What can you do to get it back?

That last part is panic. What does God have to do with that? The Word says there is no fear in (Deuteronomy 1:32 AMP)? Why not think that it might not be you but the other person? Why not think that you missed it and this person really isn't the one? Why not think that this is all a ploy because he/she is trying to see if you would panic and try harder to keep him/her? Oh yeah, there are all kinds out there even those that will plot for you to do all of the work in the relationship and when it goes sour he/she can blame you (Joshua 22:5 AMP).

Yes, by all means keep fast to getting all of the bells and whistles and never compromise anything. You are a treasure to behold...God's beloved with nothing but the best for you. Understand and keep that no matter what the enemy comes to suggest. He is going to do his job...its up to you to keep your keys and the standard so high that he can't touch it (Job 1:8-10 AMP).

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

White Gloves And A Pocketbook

First, I apologize at how long it has been since my last entry. I have been changing a few things in my life that needed my undivided attention. One of them being, a new job. I thank God for it. Its like I have been in a bubble for the last 7 years. While that has been good for my writing and art work, it was a rude awakening as to how things have drastically changed. When I tell these things to other people, they look at me as if I was locked in a cave somewhere,"Where have you been?" You see, in my former position, I was a resident live in manager for a senior community. Even on my time off, I was still in the building where I resided. Where was I going to go? I never knew that were things happening around me that I wasn't aware of. Oh, I guess I should mention, I didn't have a car in that time either. So now you see, it was as if I was in a bubble.

Anyway, during that time a video came across my timeline on Facebook. It wasn't anything spectacular for the average viewer but for me, it spoke volumes. It reminded me of a time when women guarded their identity yet they either didn't tell their daughters or as time continued, their daughters didn't value the advice of their mothers'. I suppose that's why scriptures tell us that in the last days their would be conflict with the parents and their children. Why? Why is the advice so tainted? Why was it held in such high esteem at one time and not so much anymore?

In the senior community for all of that time, I waited for some of the residents to bestow upon me all of that wisdom that was hidden in the lines and wrinkles of their faces and behind their eyes (Proverbs 2:10 AMP). I watched and spoke to them on many occasions. As I did, I saw that I learned more from them in the things they didn't say then those things they were trying to convey (James 1:19 AMP). I saw that prejudice and bigotry was trying to stay hidden but couldn't help itself when tempers flared or the individual didn't get his/her way. I saw that having a "senior moment" to gain pity is a behavior learned when she used to have all of the young men doing her bidding for her (Psalm 146:3 AMP). I saw the older men that was supposed to teach the younger about holding the door open for the young lady (or woman) doesn't even bother; and allowing for women and children to go first is a thing of the past (Titus 2:1 AMP). If a man in his senior years don't do those good things that he did when he was 20, he never wished to have done them at all. I didn't like learning that lesson.

In watching this video, I saw the expression of this same woman being made up in the different fashions that changed according to the times. She liked being feminine wearing her gloves and pocket book. She liked wearing the flower dresses and pearl earrings...and then came the 70's. Her smile changed and so did the gloves and pocketbook. For the first time in all of the fashions, she ditched it and never came back to it. Did the woman make the changes in her life that drastically changes the outlook of the nuclear family? Did a woman get that ball rolling? What made the difference in her life that revolutionized fashion, a generation, an attitude, and her identity?

What does this have to do with Christian dating? I ask that in many of these entries because it is as if I can hear you thinking that as you are reading this. The thing is, many of us as women have some idea what we would like out of the life that has been given to us. however, we change. We grow and move from the ideas and thoughts we used to have to where we are today. Most of the time, in Christ, this is good. Why do I write, most of the time? Because, just like men, we fight change. We aren't looking at the bigger picture but only what we want right now. If you notice in the video, it didn't take long for women to stop looking happy and start to incorporate a persona first looking like a hooker: hard before going back to being feminine; but ending the video much like one made for the man. Hmm. Do we really have to go through a hard time for happiness?

Notice that when a seed grows, it has to discard the hard outer surface before it can germinate into a plant, then the fruit can grow (Mark 4:26-29 AMP). The Word tells us that the righteous are like trees planted by the river (Psalm 1:1-3 AMP). This tells me that God has made the provision, all we have to do is grow. It would seem for a small portion of our lives, its not going to be pleasant...but look how far we have come.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The 2 Seater

I suppose this thought came to me as I watched women grunt (myself included) when trying to be unleashed from the back seat of a 2 door sedan. She pulled herself up by holding onto the back of the passenger seat and then had to be assisted while bent over and stepping out of the car. It didn't look pleasant to watch or experience. It is the reason I will never purchase a 2 door vehicle.

I recall when dating and visiting my date's church, I had to excuse myself to go to the ladies room. I was seated on his right and he was sitting on the aisle seat. So I whispered to him that I had to get up. He said, "oh," and put his knees together while straightening his back up against the back of the seat. I looked at him while in the position of standing if that was supposed to make it easier for me to pass by him to get to where I needed to. We stayed that way until the Holy Spirit slapped a clue in him. Then he sucked his teeth before standing up so I could pass him. I tapped his shoulder when I returned. He deliberate made sure I saw him roll his eyes before he got up so I could get to my seat.

Okay, what? He sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes?!! Is this something to discuss or a reason to dump his punk, bleepity-bleep-bleep?!!

We did have a talk and he agreed. A few months later, the women of the same ministry were conversing in the ladies room about how they don't bother to ask their husbands/boyfriends to stand up when they have to get up because it makes them feel fat.

Huh? So you would rather gap your legs over his opened knees while wearing your Sunday best? Now that really looks cute - not!!!

I knew the topic was brought up for my benefit but I didn't say anything. The impromptu discussion let me know that the man I was dating was trained by those who had no training themselves. To him, his thoughtlessness was his normal, so what were those ladies' excuse?

Would that also be true of the 2 door driver? What about the driver of a 2 seater car? Is he/she making a statement that is loud and clear? Think about it for a moment. Now add the Christian equation in with your thoughts. You know, how we consider others and the fruit of kindness of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23 AMP). Where does compassion and empathy fit when purchasing a 2 seater car? What statement did you come up with once adding the Christian equation in? Love plus selfishness equals...being alone. Didn't God say that wasn't good (Genesis 2:18 AMP)?

He/she bought a car that was cool, fast, and the very thing he/she has been asking God for. Now that this person has the car, what comes next? Can you help a family out of the rain? Can you assist someone who needs a ride because their tire has been repaired and they have to get back to their car? Can you pick up your friends at a bus stop? Can you do anything else with that car but show off how fast, cool, and expensive it is?
Maybe its my issue. Maybe I can't see what so many others can. Maybe the parable of the rich young ruler speaks louder to me then it should (Mark 10:17-30 AMP). Does a car really tell you that much about a person or have I taken this matter way too far? Hm.

The purpose for the blog was to answer a question I heard some years ago asking why hasn't she met her "Boaz" or how long will it be until the Holy Spirit guides his wife to him or he to her. Well, these entries could be the what was specifically answering your question. We expect to have these perfect wonderfully made people and all of our imperfections have been taped to our clothes like the scarlet letter. Only it seems everyone else can see but the one wearing it - us. So while God has blessed you with such a vehicle or you actually have the perfect person you are dating, if you don't rid yourself of those inconsiderate, thoughtless, and selfish tendencies - if a man, watch that woman you have been dating change. You sow seed whether you know it or not. Be mindful that the seed you sow is good. If a woman, you can't complain when your mirror image is looking back at you in the form of your date or the man you married. Selah.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First Comes Love

Do we know what that means? Yes, God is love and we strive to be more like Him (Hebrews 12:14 AMP). Yes, we can recite 1 Corinthians 13 if we have to. And yes, I've read that if my brother asks for my shirt to give him my coat also, but would I(Luke 6:29 AMP)? Would you? Can you? Do you? Or do we think of reasons as to why this guy doesn't have a shirt and what he will do with mine? Doesn't sound like love but more like doubt. Do you believe what God says or not? Its not a childish question to ask and many of us assume because we see each other in church everyday. Yes, Jesus loves me for the bible tells me so and the bible says to love your neighbor as yourself. That's not childish at all...or is it (Matthew 22:37-40 AMP)?

As much as we have laughed doing jump rope and chanting that little limerick, we have grown. Its not just a childish rhyme but something we must live by, if we are truly interested in getting married. If you aren't familiar with the little jingle:
Mary and Johnny sitting in a tree. 
First comes love, then comes marriage, 
then comes Junior in the baby carriage.

Have you noticed that the order of that jingle is all out of place these days. Babies are coming way before the marriage, that is, if it takes place at all. So if that's out of order, is the love (1 Corinthians 14:40 KJV)? I actually don't like thinking about it. Its a scary thought to imagine this world without love. Even secular music has lyrics hoping for us all to catch the spirit of love and hold on to it. Commercials are forming tear-jerkers for us to keep love alive rather than hope. Love is the greater thing yet, if someone accidentally dented your car or ripped your designer dress or cheated you out of a couple of hundred dollars, where would your Christian-faith-filled-honorable-full-of-integrity-self be? Would you be ready to take a bite out of the back of a chair or out of the back of the person that did you so wrong (Romans 12:19 AMP)?

One of my most favorite speakers passed away last year. I didn't know about it until recently. I was devastated to hear of it and then I heard how he passed away. He was the sort of speaker that had funny stories or quips and never laughed at himself as he told them. He was asked to speak at so many other ministries and as a result of his popularity, his net worth was upward of 7 million dollars. He had a good friend that he had known for years and I could only speculate had a history of handling funds in the form of an accountant, banker, or financial expert (Psalm 146:3 AMP). The point being this wonderful speaker became ill and was hospitalized. It didn't take long for hospital officials to ask of his medical insurance only to find that payments weren't made and it had lapsed. He called his good friend to ask what the matter was. She was gone, no where to be found....neither was the payments to his house, vehicles, or life insurance. All of his property was repossessed to pay for his debt. Debt, you ask with a net worth of 7 million? Yeah, that money was gone too. This speaker went from private jets to shopping at the dollar store, it was a horrible story. I wondered what his thought processes were like. Was he dripping in love or seething to find his "so called" friend? Here's a good question: what happened to all of the ministers, pastors, evangelists, prophets, apostles, and teachers, that he spoke to and for at their events? Why hadn't they stretched forth to help (Matthew 7:17 AMP)? Where was their portion of love? Aarrgh, it had me crying. Know that I will mention this man again because there is a good lesson about marriage with how he lived.

There is also the matter of what you think about yourself? Some of us have this deep seeded loathing for ourselves. Either we don't like the way we look, speak, walk, behave, or something obscure that no one else is thinking about. How then do you expect to love your neighbor or a spouse for that matter? How can you do good when you don't like the good that God created in you? It just doesn't happen. The other thing about that is, some of us are content with not liking ourselves so we won't be grouped into those men who are lovers of themselves in these last days (2 Timothy 3 AMP). Yeah, there is a huge difference in the 2 and neither of them are good. Seek God's face on that so you can be delivered and set free.

The point being in all of this, make sure love is the first ingredient in all that you do and with the person you promise the rest of your life to. People can talk all sorts of game when they see something they want. You might be an ideal candidate for arm candy, the perfect baby maker, the best cook, or sing like an angel and all of the compliments for all of the gifts God has given is not love. So don't be fooled or allow someone to paint a rosy picture when all you can smell is the manure (Jude1:23 AMP).

Then Comes Marriage

As much as I have written about dating and what to look for in a spouse, the writings on marriage has not been as exhaustive. The reason for that is, if a person understands that he/she is not dating just for the sake of being social but for the purposes of marriage, then that person is also ready or has established a relationship with God to know that he/she must pray, study, and always have an attentive ear to know what to do (Mark 4:9 AMP). This should be a regular practice, otherwise discord has gained entrance. This isn't very popular for people to adapt because people would like to do what they wish to do and discipline isn't usually one of those things that's really high up on the chore list.

Seriously, do you not understand that we are incorporating another personality that must be more like you then not (Amos 3:3 KJV). First comes love, is not just having the relationship with God but with you. You must like you. If you don't then you will hate your suppose and discord was never served eviction papers (James 1:20 AMP). Its just siting there ready to invite, drama, gossip, nagging right in to kick back with feet on your best furniture (Ephesians 4:27 AMP).Why? Because you didn't recognize the loathing of self. It is why there is domestic violence. It is why some run to other substances to escape - like, drugs, alcohol, strip clubs and the like. It is why mental health is where it is. If you didn't know, go to a counselor and chat for awhile (Proverbs 15:22 KJV). There is no shame in it. We all need some help from time to time. Know that if you continue hating yourself, you will have more trouble then a little bit because the greater one on the inside is not the author of the confusion you are contending with.

Once those matters are understood, you have to walk in it. You have to see how all of that feels and
condition yourself to make it a habit to be that way. Look at it from this perspective: I have this issue with weight. I know what to do to lose the weight and am actually doing all of the elementary things with my diet. Such as watching my carbohydrate intake, having several servings of fruits and vegetables, take vitamins and minerals daily, more fish then red meat, no fatty foods, no fast food, no junk food, cut down on sugary treats, no alcohol, no caffeine, no sodas, and drink plenty of water. You would think I could keep that single digit (or close to it) size. Well, there is that pesky thing that seems to make me whine every morning as I look at the CD's, equipment, and all of the other crap that's supposed to motivate me to exercise. I use to do it daily and got down to my target weight, then I felt like I conquered the battle and could live like a normal person just getting up and living without having to make time for cardio. As much as I detest writing this because I do understand it - I was WRONG!!! Exercise must be a part of my life as making my bed, brushing my teeth and bathing. Its necessary and I must do it or... be a porker. Oddly, I rationalized with the porking concept. But isn't that what you did with loving yourself?

Alright, now some months have passed. How well have you done? Don't you know? What does your counselor say? You did get a Christian counselor basing the therapy on the Word didn't you? Otherwise, its the blind leading the blind.

Use a calendar. After you had your break through, there has to be some scriptures that you are standing on and believing for. You have been repeating them daily. Well, has anything happened? If not, get ready for it! If it has, write it down in the calendar. Keep a track of the improvements in your life. Choosing life way back when was more then just speaking words. You must be on the life journey and many times that would mean speaking the Word of life into existence just as God did when creating the world.

Once you see the difference, know that this is something that has to be maintained. When dating for the purposes of marriage, he/she must also be doing this as well. It is why marriage isn't hard for believers. We have learned how God is, what He says, and how He operates. We do the same thing. This is striving to be more like Him. With these things as habits, you can see how much we have taken for granted, where we had made mistakes wondering why God was taking so long, and why we had to wait to be married. God is good.