Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do You Know What Time It Is? Did You Ever?

The emphasis that has been put on quirky habits have been minimal. In this blog, they have been stressed. Why? Because the world allows excuses for poor behavior when the Word gets to the root of the matter so that we can all turn from those wicked ways (Luke 15:10 AMP).

Wicked? Isn't that a little harsh?
Is divorce harsh? Seriously, the complaints heard over the years don't make sense until you have been through what the complaining is about. What's more is the one complaining only tells one side of the story. The complainer has no participation in what caused the problem and the resolve only benefits the one complaining. Neither party will allow the will of the other (James 5:9 AMP). Both, having oppositional views, believe each independent of the other, is right. Where's the love in that? That same love that will carry you through or above any obstacle. What happened to that (Colossians 3:13 AMP)?

When did things change? Read the changes that happened to other couples and compare the statements that was once said during the dating process:
During the dating process: "I wake in the morning thinking of the melodious sound of her voice. I wait to hear from her.Will she call me? When will she call? I must call her! I have to call her!"
After years of arguing: "OMG! Shut Up!! Your voice sounds like nails to a chalkboard!"

During the dating process: "You complete me. I wish to be closer to you. If I could breathe the air for you, I would."
After years of arguing: "Do you have to do that? In and out, in and out! Must you keep breathing?

During the dating process: "I love your curves. I try to keep from staring at you but I just can't help myself."
After years of arguing: "How much bigger are you going to get? You look 6 months pregnant!"

During the dating process: "Girl, I love your big legs!"
After years of arguing: "What's a cankle? B****, look in the mirror!"

During the dating process: "Don't be silly. Money is no object, I'll take care of you."
After years of arguing: "What did you think, I'm made of money!?" "GET A JOB!!!"

During the dating process: "Don't change. Just be the person you are forever!"
After years of arguing: "How long will it take before you get it? Are you slow? Did you go to special school? That's what it is, your special - and I don't mean in a good way!"

Sounds mean? It is. A change happens in a marriage when he can't cope with the pressure. He didn't go before the Lord. He didn't seek counseling (Proverbs 11:14 AMP). He didn't refer to the Word. He begins to panic and without the aforementioned put in operation, the flesh will resurrect. How will you know? The Blame Game will begin. There are no trinkets to use, no cards, no folding board to assemble, and most of all - no rules. The flesh will use this game for comfort and to annihilate (Romans 8: 6-8 AMP). The strange thing about this game, because the 2 become 1 annihilating one will be the destruction of the other. Its carnal! It is the substance that assisted in sealing the fall of man for many, many years.

Why must it always come to being the man's fault? Isn't that blaming too?

You know what time it is! Stop acting as if you are brand new! If you can't handle it fellas, what makes you think to put it all on her? What kind of man are you? What does the Word say about her (1 Peter 3:7 AMP)? Now, what does He say about you?

When you proposed, did you listen to Wisdom or your loins? If your loins spoke louder then Wisdom, then accept your punishment (Proverbs 1:27-29 AMP). For some, it is contention in the woman you married, for others its financial ruin, illness, turmoil with the children, and the like. No matter what the disruption, it will be overwhelming. Why? Because you were not prepared to marry (1 Corinthians 7:28-35 AMP). When was the plan made? Was your relationship with God solid? Did you have a financial plan for the future? Is your job secure? What was your second and third stream of income (Genesis 2:10-15 AMP)? Were those things already operational before you proposed marriage? Was she supposed to work or keep having your babies at home? Did she know that? Did she ask? Does she have an education? Does she have a plan for her life? Does it fit into yours or will you be manipulating her to change?

Sounds like a lot of work doesn't it? This is the work the world refers to when trying to keep a marriage together and thriving. It is the work that God tells us to do with ourselves first so it isn't difficult when incorporating another personality in the mix (Matthew 6:33 AMP). How amazing is it that financial officers of a bank require so much when asking for a loan and we don't require a tenth of that information when getting married? Do you realize how better off we would be if we took that life changing decision more seriously like a business deal then a romantic interlude. When asking for a loan in a business venture, we have to make a proposal with a business plan incorporated in a written format for the bank officer to see how it would be an asset for him/her to allow his money to be invested. Even if it all looks good on paper, he/she must see beyond what is written. The bank officer has to see other problems that can arise and answers must be given or the loan will not be granted. If the bank officer doesn't ask these pertinent questions, he/she is not worth the investment the company made upon hiring him/her. The pitfalls are resolved and those that aren't, the bank is sure that it won't be at a loss. This is the purpose for the interest on the investment. The bank is secure about making its money back - and then some.

What assurance does the woman you are interested in marrying have? When you propose, what are you offering her so that she would desire to grant you the answer you seek? In asking these same questions on a Q and A website, the women saw the questions as being materialistic. They answered with contempt instead of something they needed to think about for their future and the future of their children. The men didn't answer. They might have been perturbed with me for stirring a pot that had been left alone for so many years; nevertheless, they should have seen it as a means for them to make improvements on themselves (Galatians 6:4 AMP). When women that don't require much from the men they date, don't require much of themselves either. The love of being in love fades much like beauty. Contention is the fruit of such a union.

I have been drawing up plans for a Christian pre-nuptial agreement for couples interested in getting married. Its something that has been frowned upon in the church and with good reason. Nevertheless, what use to be, isn't what is for these days and times. You know I use the Word for whatever I write. You will see God throughout the entire agreement. I hope a pastor, minister, evangelist, apostle, or prophet will see it and use it in their messages. If not; a parent, understanding what marriage is, can teach their children and make sure that there is more then just a license in writing before walking down that aisle. As I tell my children, marriage is no joke. When seen as a business venture, even if the unromantic thought is never spoken, the two individuals would be better off.

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