Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Can't Tell by Looking

The cliche the world use to say was, "why buy the cow if the milk is free?" This seemingly answered the question to women who wished to marry but didn't have the discipline or desire not to give the goods so casually. The word, casually here would mean without a commitment.

When did it change about women saving it until marriage? How did desperation become greater then patience? Could it be the pressure of family, friends, or hearing the label spinster one too many times? Which ever the reason, trying out the goods with casual sex or cohabitation without marriage is no longer the surprise it use to be ...and the reference is not to sinners or the world.

In watching a favorite detective show, one of the characters; wealthy in his own mind, continued to elude the detective of evidence needed to convict him. His crimes were seducing young pre-teen girls in giving him massages and finishing with a "happy ending". When the task was complete, he would pay them off with a $100.00 dollar bill. Being as young as they were, they were happy to receive the money and didn't think they had been violated or molested. One of the matters that tripped up the villainous character was the detectives (adults) making derogatory comments about the size of his genitals. It was the only time the character showed emotion. He practically beat his jail mate to a pulp because of the remarks from the detectives. His emotional outburst gave them insight as to why he targeted such innocence. I couldn't help but to see the reason for cohabitation and casual sex for the Christian in a completely different light based on that villainous, fictitious character. Can you see it?

Men and women have needs. God created us this way. God's resolve is for man not to be alone (Genesis 2:18 AMP). When Adam saw woman, he immediately made the union proper by calling her bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. He made her one with him simply by saying it. He solidified her as his one and only (Genesis 2:23 AMP). Yes, we know that there was no one else but her. The point being, he spoke out what he desired, much like what God did in creating the earth.

God created men with variation. Different ethnicity, different skin colors, different eye colors, sizes of hands, feet, body types, genitalia, and personalities. Many men have taken on the task of finding a woman based on what he sees. Why hasn't there been lessons reiterating to men over and over about him taking on such the endeavor just doesn't work. Men know this but instead of going to the one who created her, he devises to make her believe its advantageous for both to cohabitate. This way, they will see how "the fit" is for the both of them. Here is the funny: it's sin, it's wrong, and it never works (Galatians 5;16-26 AMP)! Nevertheless, it has been going on for generations. I am going to let you in on the reason why. It is because of desperation. You see there are women afraid of being spinsters or afraid to have to raise their fatherless children alone or just needing the security of a man (any man) in the home. Then there is this particular man who has had sexual experiences that haven't fared well for him. He finds out that size really does matter and some of them voice loudly their dissatisfaction. So instead of allowing his wounds to heal by Jehovah-Rohi, he decides to go about it in his own way and be hurt continuously until he stumbles upon a woman just as desperate and who will accept anything just so she doesn't have to be alone (Proverbs 2:16 AMP). He doesn't satisfy her physical needs either but he does fill the void in her life - no matter how temporary it may be. She isn't exactly his type but his loins are no longer screaming at him and for a little while the relationship benefits each other. Even if they decide to marry, the relationship is still strained because of the laws that have been put into place when discipline has not been exercised. Paul wrote it correctly that man should marry if he cannot contain himself but he will have trouble (1 Corinthians 7:28 AMP). This is not taught either and should be on a regular basis. It would keep single people disciplined until they know exactly what they are getting into.

You see, checking out the goods first before marriage isn't erased all of sudden because it was decided to make an honest woman out of her - as they use to say (marriage). You have violated a portion of your faith. If God said this is the one for you, why then would it be necessary to have sex first to see if God knew exactly what you needed. Let's settle something right now so this would never be an issue. The thing about only certain people of a particular nationality are more well endowed then others...yeah, that's not true. You have men of all nationalities that are created in variation just the way God intended. Testing out the goods whether he is well endowed or not, will not make him a stupendous lover. Have you not heard about pre-ejaculating? And with women, guys just because she has a tiny waist and the perfect hips doesn't mean she will be rocking the sheets everyday and night just for you. Sampling the goods could be like dress to impress. Let the faking begin so we can get the wedding on, could be on the mind of whom you are sampling.Trusting God is the only way you will find the genuine sincerity of the other (Isaiah 26:3 AMP).

The villainous character in the detective show, mentioned earlier, clearly has no faith in anything but of his own ability. His reaction to what the detectives said about the size of his genitals gave them insight as to why he violated pre-teen girls. They are innocent. They wouldn't have any reason to say anything derogatory about this man because they don't know or have experienced anything else. They are babies, needing guidance - the right guidance. Faith works the same way. You see, size does matter. A mature person in Christ is someone whose faith is colossal as opposed to a baby Christian. The two would be unequally yoked if placed together. While a baby Christian is working out why the flesh is hard to overcome, the mature Christian relies on God for everything. God created all, knows all, and has seen all (Proverbs 3:13:22 AMP). Why then do we trust in our own limited abilities to choose something that is supposed to last for the rest of our lives? Truly, it makes no sense. 

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