Monday, May 19, 2014

Understanding Her Anger

Its been a long time since she has been asked on a date, she has been handling the baggage of being rejected in the past and has been patient to be found....well. It took you seemingly forever to grow up and now she doesn't know whether she wants to be bothered with ever being married. Should you just throw up your hands and walk away? Would you throw up your hands if you knew you had treasure in a chest but no key to open the lock (Hebrews 11:6 AMP)? Why would she be different?

I just started thinking about this; listening to women as they express themselves on a myriad of matters. I then had to take that information and put it into perspective based on whether this was coming from a Christian woman knowing that Jesus is Lord and for patience to have her perfect work as opposed to a woman not knowing the Lord and allowing for her flesh to speak for her. What? Don't we all do that? Wouldn't a man do that if he were speaking to a woman he was interested in? Wait! I meant a Christian man whose heart and mind is on the Lord and how he could be pleasing unto Him (Mark 12:30 AMP)? Too much to do? If so, then women will always be confusing to you (1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV).

Guys, you have to humble yourself. Let's be as plain as possible. YOU need help. Marinade in that for a minute. Now, for some reason, women have it in their minds that in order for them to be married, they have
to trick you into believing that you are helping them. Then throughout the marriage they listen to a bunch of sillier women cackling about how she has to keep tricking you in believing every brilliant idea she has, you must think its yours (2 Timothy 3:5-7 AMP). Knowing it isn't, you like the idea that she thinks it is and you walk around with this false sense of her having even more respect for you. Hey...WAKE UP!!! Its a lie!!! What's going to happen is, she is going to get tired of doing that. She is going to see that you know what the truth is and she is going to call you out on it. The love that you used to have for her has dripped away a long time ago and with her allowing for the truth to finally be seen, you both will see the damage this generational lie has actually done.

That's right, generations! How many times have you heard the sermons of generational curses? We all can think of the crap that's happened to our families over the decades. While you heard the sermon and stood over your family or on your knees thanking God for delivering you and yours from all of that mess, only for you to get it dumped right back when allowing for the matters that has been accepted in the church, Its no wonder why she's angry, your stumped, and the pastor says stuff like,"the Lord works in mysterious ways." What are the matters that's been accepted in the church? Well, let's just list them and see if you have welcomed them into your home, life style, preached on, or taught about:

1. To get what you want, make him believe its his idea.
2. Squeeze out a tear and a man's heart will melt.
3. Cook him his favorite meal and then ask for what you want.
4. Make him jealous by letting him believe someone else is interested in you.
5. Get all dolled up and walk around him as if you don't see him until he notices you.
6. Wear his favorite color whether you like it or not.
7. Act as if you are in distress so he can be your hero.
8. Find what his favorite things are so when in conversation you can pretend that you like those things too.
9. Dress down so he knows he can lift you up.
10. Dress up so he knows what you expect from him.

Can you see this? These are the things women have done for years. These are the things mothers have taught their daughters for generations. These things are deceptive. These things allow the enemy to have access to everything in your house and he maintains this access because of every lesson that is given to another generation is laced with deception (Ephesians 4:26-27 KJV). It is no wonder that pretense breeds contempt. Of course, she is going to be angry. She has every reason to be emotional 8 to 12 times a day and not know why. Your peace is going to be troubled. Its supposed to be.

So yeah, she might be a little anxious (she has to work that out) wondering how long its going to take for you to hear God to find her. And you might be wondering what's the matter with you for not be married yet. Just know that just like you got crap to clean up, so does she. That harvest God is looking for has to be without spot or wrinkle (Ephesians 5:26-28 AMP). While there are ministries still teaching some of this foolishness, God is dealing with each us so collectively WE can be pure.

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