Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The 2 Seater

I suppose this thought came to me as I watched women grunt (myself included) when trying to be unleashed from the back seat of a 2 door sedan. She pulled herself up by holding onto the back of the passenger seat and then had to be assisted while bent over and stepping out of the car. It didn't look pleasant to watch or experience. It is the reason I will never purchase a 2 door vehicle.

I recall when dating and visiting my date's church, I had to excuse myself to go to the ladies room. I was seated on his right and he was sitting on the aisle seat. So I whispered to him that I had to get up. He said, "oh," and put his knees together while straightening his back up against the back of the seat. I looked at him while in the position of standing if that was supposed to make it easier for me to pass by him to get to where I needed to. We stayed that way until the Holy Spirit slapped a clue in him. Then he sucked his teeth before standing up so I could pass him. I tapped his shoulder when I returned. He deliberate made sure I saw him roll his eyes before he got up so I could get to my seat.

Okay, what? He sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes?!! Is this something to discuss or a reason to dump his punk, bleepity-bleep-bleep?!!

We did have a talk and he agreed. A few months later, the women of the same ministry were conversing in the ladies room about how they don't bother to ask their husbands/boyfriends to stand up when they have to get up because it makes them feel fat.

Huh? So you would rather gap your legs over his opened knees while wearing your Sunday best? Now that really looks cute - not!!!

I knew the topic was brought up for my benefit but I didn't say anything. The impromptu discussion let me know that the man I was dating was trained by those who had no training themselves. To him, his thoughtlessness was his normal, so what were those ladies' excuse?

Would that also be true of the 2 door driver? What about the driver of a 2 seater car? Is he/she making a statement that is loud and clear? Think about it for a moment. Now add the Christian equation in with your thoughts. You know, how we consider others and the fruit of kindness of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23 AMP). Where does compassion and empathy fit when purchasing a 2 seater car? What statement did you come up with once adding the Christian equation in? Love plus selfishness equals...being alone. Didn't God say that wasn't good (Genesis 2:18 AMP)?

He/she bought a car that was cool, fast, and the very thing he/she has been asking God for. Now that this person has the car, what comes next? Can you help a family out of the rain? Can you assist someone who needs a ride because their tire has been repaired and they have to get back to their car? Can you pick up your friends at a bus stop? Can you do anything else with that car but show off how fast, cool, and expensive it is?
Maybe its my issue. Maybe I can't see what so many others can. Maybe the parable of the rich young ruler speaks louder to me then it should (Mark 10:17-30 AMP). Does a car really tell you that much about a person or have I taken this matter way too far? Hm.

The purpose for the blog was to answer a question I heard some years ago asking why hasn't she met her "Boaz" or how long will it be until the Holy Spirit guides his wife to him or he to her. Well, these entries could be the what was specifically answering your question. We expect to have these perfect wonderfully made people and all of our imperfections have been taped to our clothes like the scarlet letter. Only it seems everyone else can see but the one wearing it - us. So while God has blessed you with such a vehicle or you actually have the perfect person you are dating, if you don't rid yourself of those inconsiderate, thoughtless, and selfish tendencies - if a man, watch that woman you have been dating change. You sow seed whether you know it or not. Be mindful that the seed you sow is good. If a woman, you can't complain when your mirror image is looking back at you in the form of your date or the man you married. Selah.

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