Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolutions Resolved Already

Happy New Year to all of my readers, those that catch a peep now and again, and to you first timers. This is the time where we make assessments over our lives and ask certain questions of ourselves or to God as to why a thing is still the way it is or how much longer do I need to wait for this thing. Well, a pastor defined insanity as doing the same things continually and expecting different results. Each year we make these enormous declarations that this is the year that we are going to meet Mr. Right or this is the year you will meet your good thing. Its just time and you are so tired of waiting... or so you think.

In making these declarations at the beginning of the year, the world calls them New Year's resolutions. These resolutions are supposedly giving the declarer some direction in moving toward a specific goal. Some people actually get to the goal while others peter off within a few weeks of the new year. I know when I do such a thing it usually has to do with weight issues. I know I am going to start this exercise regiment. I can see myself doing it. The truth of the matter is...I just don't want to. I haven't got a clue as to why I don't want to having had a regular routine for over a year; therefore, how can I declare a resolution without solving the underlying issue? On the NBC hit show, The Biggest Loser, season after season we applaud the best efforts of the contestants willing to go through what they do and through out the season where one of the teams has to choose the one person leaving the group. The decision is made as to who can take what has been learned and go home to complete the task. No one is ever ready to leave and there are so many tears, yet after 8 seasons and a follow up show, 6 of the 8 contestants that won had gained either all of their weight back or on their way of doing so. Hemming, hawing and being embarrassed didn't change anything. Winning for their season and being more socially acceptable didn't change anything. Being recognize all over the nation and having the responsibility to maintain the look for others to be encouraged didn't change anything. The underlying issue that caused them to have to go on such a show was still there. You can call it a lifestyle change but without the actually making it a lifestyle, who would go through it? Oprah did  the same thing 20 (plus) years ago. I was waiting for her to answer what was it going to take for her to keep the weight off. I listened to hear what her motivation was. She never made mention of it and within 2 years, she gained it all back.

Would that it could for weight not to be an issue. If we took the world's views of obesity out of the equation,  the health situation that could be created from it, or the way the individual feels about him/herself in that state and just concentrate on the goodness of God. Can it be done? Well, what else is there? Being a glutton without penalty?

You have to be serious to find out what is that issue before making a resolution. I know of a woman who had just gone through a divorce. She had to change her entire outlook on what she had to do to manage a household and family. Should she doll herself all up again to remarry so the responsibility wouldn't be hers or should she put those proverbial hip boots on and trudge through what is necessary to get that good job and do what she has to do. When she decided to go back to work and focus on her task at hand, she had more interest in her then she cared to deal with. Her solution was to make herself as homely as she could. She wore a gray wig when there was no gray in her hair. She wouldn't wear makeup and purchased the ugliest glasses that she could. For some time, it worked. Men looked but would not approach. Then her children grew with lives of their own. She no longer had to keep the pretense, by this time, there was gray in her hair. She had to wear glasses and make up was no longer a priority to use when leaving the house. Her disposition had changed and now there was no desire to find a resolve to the matter. The matter of what? Being alone.

Has that issue been resolved for you yet? Let's call it what it is. I am euphemizing issue when the real word is fear.We can understand what we call the normal fears but what about the fear of success or the fear of independence or even the fear of having it all. Why would one have an issue with that? I think it would have something to do with what the Word says about Christians. It says that if we love the Lord, we will be persecuted. Who would want to go through any of that? Why not just settle for just a little so that you won't be persecuted as much. Why not be poor and you won't be persecuted at all!

Sounds ridiculous - right? Yet doesn't that sound like what the woman did when she masqueraded around as  homely so no man would be attracted to her? Do we do that when we have more then enough but would rather people think that we don't? Isn't that what the man did when given one talent to invest as it is written in the scriptures? The problem is fear. The resolve is trusting in God. With this understanding, now a resolution can be made and this time - kept.

Whether it be rejection or persecution, God is there. He would not have you in the midst of something that you cannot handle. He is a good God. If your issue is the persecution, think of it this way. Let it be the test that you will pass and have the reward after. You have been set aside for His good pleasure. You are the peculiar nation. You are His treasure.

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