Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friends With Benefits

When looking for a specific job, many hope to find one with benefits. Not all jobs have that. There is a reason for this. Those that only look for employment with benefits have been out in the work force, have an education, or something has happened to them in life giving them the realization that medical bills are expensive. Those without that realization are just young or frankly, immature.

The employer is no dummie as well. He/she already knows in order to get the position filled it must be attractive enough to draw the qualified personnel toward it. When interviewing, the seasoned employer makes sure that certain criterion are met before issuing out those benefits. He/she knows that everyone comes dressed to impress but given time to allow for the perspective employee to show a desirable pattern of professionalism so that it doesn't cost the employer time or money that is allotted with the benefits. Any detouring from the agreed expectations, the employer can terminate employment - which was also agreed upon. The waiting period before receiving all of these benefits is usually 90 days.

Employers wait 3 months before shelling out more money to pay for health insurance, dental, medical, optical, and sometimes more. But know, when it is more, the employee has the education and experience that would be to the employer's benefit. That employer doesn't mind spending that kind of money for someone who is an asset (Ephesians 6:5-10 AMP).

Assessing the assets in a Christian dating relationship should be held in a higher standard then what was just described with an employer and a perspective employee. The world has come to a point where relationships don't really mean anything. Sex has been minimized to it only being a recreational activity or a means of just socializing. The term, its just sex, has been used to excuse extra-marital affairs, a feeble attempt to mend broken hearts, a way to entice for open marriages, and to tempt others who have promised to abstain. "What are you saving it for?" It is another question that comes to mind to do the same thing as aforementioned.

That sense of being so casual with something that is supposed to be exclusive and intimate is reminiscent of the behavior in Sodom and Gomorrah before it burned to ashes. Casually naming sex, just benefits like a job, has nothing to do with righteousness in Christ, holiness in God, or the lifestyle of Christianity. The practice of having sex without the security of marriage and still calling yourself a Christian is hypocrisy.

As a true believing Christian, having a friend with benefits also has a place but with a completely different meaning. First, in order for your friend to be a friend there had to also be agreement with the Kingdom Lifestyle, otherwise there would be turmoil later. In that turmoil, either the friend has the greater influence or you will to get the friend to change to see the light. Eventually, other ideals about matters not practiced will be the deterrent in the relationship. Nevertheless, friends that can stay the course individually can only build a strong bond together. Second, storms that come in one's life is a simple rain shower because the friendship causes one to pray for the other. Tests that God give men are all open book because friends understand the relationship with God first. Lastly, these friendships also have others just like them. Meet ups are enjoyable and rewarding. These people are ideally well-equipped to date and are secured in Christ. Wonderful marriages sprout from that. Do you see this sort of benefit and how it is well pleasing to God?

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