Saturday, June 29, 2013

Everything That Shines Isn't Always Pure

Writing in these blogs have been therapeutic. As things happen and I react to them (or not), I tend to replay the matter later in my mind thinking whether I could have done or said it in a better way. If so, I write about it. Suffice to state, I have done a lot of writing!

Recently, I was thinking about Christians and the things that some have have written as we wait or prepare for the Lord (Matthew 25:1-13 AMP). Well, it is what we are supposed to be doing as singles. Yet, instead I read things like: " I am tired of the dating scene. If Mr. Right comes along, he'll have to find me." And the reply to that comment was, "you can't just stay at home. You can't quit. You have to get out there so he can find you." Then the other conceded her comment and agreed with the reply.

You'd think that response is exclusive to women? You would be mistaken. Another Christian site that
was launched April of this year, began by posting attractive pictures of single men in the area. The response was almost immediate. Women were commenting in droves hoping that the gorgeous toothy grins would IM them. Instead, this one guy, rather plain looking fellow from some third world country, is asking the ladies who made the comments to quickly make friends with him. Where is the pictured owner? Why haven't any of the attractive single men that posted pictures of themselves responded to any of the number of women that were obviously interested in them? What is the matter with the plain guy? Why is he responding to all of these women as if he was the one who posted a picture and described himself ( 2 Timothy 3:6 AMP)? Oh, its a scam and he is the owner and the only guy on the page. Talk about desperate - yeesh!

Its interesting in Proverbs that the Lord takes the time to describe what it takes for silver to be made pure (Proverbs 25:4-5 AMP). First the raw material is discovered before being excavated. Then it must be put under intense heat. Once it reaches its boiling point, all of the impurities rises to the surface. This is called the dross. The dross is used for cheaper products. But the pure material isn't finished. It continues in this intense heat until nothing else floats to the top. Then it is formed into the planned item, whether that be a sword, pot, or piece of jewelry. Because of the process and purity the value of the product is already determined. 

Funny, when it comes to other expensive, rich , and flavorful things like food, there is still a process. Milk sits in order for cream to rise to the top. With the cream, the best cheese, butter, and buttermilk is produced. When cheese is made, it is placed on a shelf to age. The waiting process is determined and even then, it is tested (taste) before deciding if it is ready for packing, shipment, and to the market.

Coal is placed under pressure (as well as other stones) in order to change into a diamond. Even then the raw material must go to an experienced jeweler to be cut and buffed to be considered precious and valuable. The raw material in the wrong hands can change the outcome of the finished product. An apprentice practices on imitation pieces before being allowed to handle the real thing. He is only called a jeweler after years and years of study. The title isn't given as easy as getting a certificate from a vocational school or university.

What's the point? I would think it to be obvious. Yes, you have grown and believe to be mature. Yes, you can feel your loins speaking to you, "its time....yoo-whoo, IT'S TIME!!!" Yes, all of your friends are dating and you seem to be the only one still dealing with the questions of being single, going to events alone, and everybody having that perfect-match-for-you-blind-date situation. Its not at all the fun it use to be. Still, God is good and created you for a time such as this (Esther 4:14 AMP). Know and please understand, there is an art to this time of waiting. The pressure is on because of the purity in you that can do the most good after the pressure is off. As strange as this may sound, embrace it. Count it all joy (James 1:2-8 AMP). Minister to your spirit from the Word because of these trying times. For when it is over, you will come forth as pure gold (Job 23:10 AMP).

Compare these two men from the Word: Joseph had enormous pressure with his brothers plotting his death (Genesis 37:18-20 AMP); yet, in the end, he became Emperor. Solomon was the son of David. His humble prayer caused him to be the richest man in all of the land yet, when given a directive, he disobeyed God (1 Kings 11:1-6 AMP). Pressure is needed. The wait is necessary. Be thankful in ALL things (1 Thessalonians 5:18 AMP). Your time to shine is very near.

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