Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Birds and The Bees

Would a teenager today know what an adult is referring to if asked, "let's talk about the birds and the bees?" More then likely the two would be on different journeys. The topic of sex was brought on through this subject matter for the purposes of discretion, respect, keeping private matters private, and knowing that intimacy is only between those two people. At the same time, going about the subject in the nature genre was an open door for asking a barrage of questions, confusion, and complete frustration for the female because menstruation, in particular, is no where near a bird, bee, flower, or tree.

I recall when I had the "talk". My Dad told my Mom that it was time. I think it was around when they were teaching me about the finer things in life - like the ballet. As we watched the dancers, I asked, "why didn't someone tell that man that he's all bunched up in the front? See how nice and smooth all of the ladies are? Why didn't he tuck better?" I was referring to  his private parts not realizing that was the problem. I asked a lot of questions. When my mother was given that task, a day she was apparently dreading from the moment the doctor said, "Mrs. Brown, you have a daughter." She looked at me as if I was going to be punished. "Come here", she said. To wit my reply, "what did I do?" When I found out that it was to talk, the time it took for me to be relieved, half of it was over. The part I heard....well...yeah, I had questions. Scores of them. But Mom was gritting her teeth and I knew better. Mom is a do-as-I-say-because-I-told-you-to kind of parent. You don't have to know why. She did what Dad told her, but I had no clue what she was talking about.

These days parents have to guard that their children don't hear too much too soon (Proverbs 22:6 KJV). Just when you think the controls on the cable, internet, and phone ought to do it, a teacher decides to show the very movie you said your child can't watch. Think it won't happen? It happened to me and my 8 year old son. Where was the permission slip? Where was the rule of the PG-13 rating? What happened to common sense? What happened to the educator/parent partnership agreement (Psalm 146:3 KJV)? The parent can over ride the educator but the educator can't over ride the parent! Who is in control here?

Alright, it is a memory best served in the Kingdom Living blog and not here. For this entry, the topic of nature is necessary to remember when dating. I implore you to watch a few nature shows. When you do, keep in mind what seemed to be a pause when God created woman. Not a hesitation. Just a knowing that something else is needed. God looked at all He created: the heavens, the earth, the provision of trees, herbs, a garden, and water. The animals had all they needed. Man had a place to lie down to rest, something to do, food, other thing he needs.

Now before we get there, recall all that man already has. Now look at the nature shows again. Here, I will help you with a few pictures: See the male lion. Most of the animals fear him. He is the king of the jungle. Large with a muscular build. Elaborate mane and a roar that sends chills down the spines of all mammals. Now check out the female lion. Smaller, not as muscular. No mane. The color of her fur is sort of a diluted version of the male's in comparison. Interesting?

See the birds. The cardinal is a large bright red bird preparing a nest. The tremendous eagle with the contrasting black and white plumage with a bright yellow beak. His nest is high into the cliffs of the mountains and nearly weighing a ton. That had to be a lot of work to put together. What about the peacock? The vibrant colors and enormous fan of display; his assets to be used to woo the hen of his desire. Did you catch that? I described males. Large, vibrant colors, and doing all that is necessary to attract the weaker, less colorful, and seemingly pitiful in comparison. This should absolutely tell you something.

Now see where Adam was living again. Read the description (Genesis 2:8-14 AMP). Notice the surplus and the strength he needed to do all that God told him to do. Doesn't that sound familiar to what was described with all of the animals? So why are women then working so hard to get his attention? Why do we need to have so much makeup and so many new clothes to get the attention of a man who has no more interest if you wore a burlap bag?

Oh sorry, you thought this would be about sex, didn't you? How can you even think about that when you don't have the rudimentary principles together? Get the relationship with God through Christ first and then prioritize everything else. He has so much to do before meeting you - so stop rushing it. Go smell a rose or something.

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