Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't Send a Boy......

...... to do a man's job! Now, I am not going to pretend to know what a man's job is. I do know what a
woman would like to see in her man. Is it what you think or expect? Do you think you can do what is expected? Is it too much for you or any man as far as you are concerned? Just keep reading and compare what you would do with the scripture references.

There are too many grown adult men that don't do what is expected of them and have plenty of excuses for their behavior. A woman will only tolerate so much then the reverence that she is supposed to have for her husband becomes a challenge. What do you do then? Do you start blaming her for the short comings in the marriage or do you start making some re-evaluations of your own life and what you have put your family through (Haggai 1:7 AMP)?

I wrote an entry in this blog entitled, The Position of a Woman. In it I describe how everyone seems to have an opinion of what a woman is supposed to do and if we listened to them all, trying to do all of what everyone wishes, we might as well plan for an early grave. Honestly, it is what I have witnessed in some women and have personally been through. The point of that entry was to let women and any man that ventures into reading the entire article, that a woman taking the position to be a wife, is called to be a help. She is not called to do it all. Even if she isn't married, men in the church holding any sort of position should also be sensitive to the fact that a woman can only do so much. She has to know when to say no and see when she is being taken advantage of. If she doesn't shouldn't the man, holding that sort of position in the church, rise up and say no for her? Is that his place to do...or is that asking too much of him too?

I was inspired to write this piece because of an incident that happened to me last night. I have been hired to care for the elderly at night when they may need further medical assistance and to make sure that the rules of the building are adhered to. If the situation gets too difficult for me to handle, such as too many visitors trying to do what they want and don't feel I should be telling them what to do, I call for assistance. This would usually mean a security guard. If it gets more out of control for the security guard, then he is to call the police. For the most part, it rarely gets to the point of me having to call for security. But its in those times, I am expecting for the guard to handle the matter and for order to return to the building.

One time in particular, I had to deal with family members of a resident that past away. The rule is to let staff know when the family is moving out furniture so assistance is available for them and minimal damage is done to the building. People have their own ideas. So when I try to enforce this rule, they wait and come at a later time when they think no one is watching. I was watching. I called security. The guard at the time was like a boulder with eyes and fingers. He knocked on the apartment door of those that decided to violate the rule. When they saw him,  I don't think there were any words spoken. They immediately got themselves together and left. I don't even know if they came back to get the things they wished to have. But it is what I expect from a guard. He was hired to do his job and his presence did all that he was hired to do and then some.

But last night, I had a different guard to explain things to. When I saw him for the first time, I wasn't discouraged that he wasn't going to do what is expected of him. He looked like he was 16 years old. I had to keep in mind that David was a ruddy little fellow that killed a lion and a bear to protect the flock. So when a similar situation happened, I figured he has as much training as the boulder with eyes has. If I follow procedure, he would get into protective mode as he knows to do. He happened to be coming into the building as I was having a discussion with one of the men that didn't wish to abide by the rules. I introduced the guard to the guy and explained that I hoped it wouldn't have to come to this. The guy gets on his cell phone to let his other buddies know what is going down. He walks away although I know its only temporarily. The guard then turns to me with those little boy eyes and says what I was dreading to hear, "What do you want me to do?" I then felt like I was all by myself and had to do what I needed to do. He
was of no assistance and those men knew it too. 

Should a married woman ever feel this way? Shouldn't she be able to depend on her husband to make sure that all is well? It is the reason many women look for men that are at least 6 feet tall. They need, if nothing else, the appearance of a man that could protect her (Psalm 146: 3 AMP). She needs for him to actually do it ideally, but if he looks like that he could stomp a perpetrator to the ground, that's good too....well until she actually needs for him to do it. Yes, that's a faithless woman to have those ideals (2 Corinthians 5:7 AMP). She has to get past what he looks like and do as God does. He sees the heart. How would she be able to do this? She must have the relationship with Him to be more like Him (1 John 4:4 AMP). And so does he.

When does a man know that he is a man? When does he think he can take on the responsibility of what a man can do? Clearly, its not listed in a job application. Employers sometimes need a warm body to fill a position and if he shows up for work, he is doing good in the sight of that employer. This could also be the requirement of some women. As long as he has a job and shows up to the house when he is supposed to for the neighbors to see there is a person looking like a man that lives here, then she can be happy...well, at least temporarily. But when he doesn't do the little things like clean after himself or help with the children or have a handiness about him, is he still considered a man? Can she still respect and reverence him?  

Was Adam a man? God called him to be a man but God also called for him to protect the garden too and he was kicked out of it (Genesis 3:22-24 AMP). Was God looking at his future and speaking to those things that be not as though they were? Can we depict the man qualities in Adam? Is it clear that he still acted like a boy while in the garden of Eden? Adam was created from the dust of the ground. When did he have a chance to learn such attributes? When was he tested on the things that every man is tested with? When was he tempted and did he pass the test to move on to the next level as most men do? Did he ever get that chance? Was there ever a do over for him? Was there ever a chance for him to ask for forgiveness so he could teach his children what not to do (Matthew 3:2 AMP)? No, so men today should see the grace and mercy that has been upon them and not take it for granted.

There are many references in the bible where adult men had no one to emulate and would therefore refer back to childish ways. Abram heard from God yet when given the chance to do wrong, he jumped on it as he did when Sarai reasoned that he must have a child with her concubine (Genesis 16:1-4 AMP). This same Abram in his travels with his wife, tells her to lie and tell those who ask that she is really his sister. Was this for the safety of his family? Was this the instruction God gave him? No, he feared losing his own life (Genesis 12:11-13 AMP).

A drunk king calls for his wife and she decides not to beckon to him. Instead of seeing what the matter is, he hearkens to those afraid in their own marriages because of the acts of this one queen (Esther 1:7-14 AMP). This same king that divorces his wife because of the advice of the princes seeks a new wife by creating a beauty pageant. Why would any man use this example to find his own wife? Just because its in the bible or is it an excuse to have as many women as he desires?

Moses was called to do great things. When he finds what those great things are, he begins to whine and tells God of all of his shortcomings (Exodus 4:1; 10. Moses shows that he is afraid that he won't be able to do what God is telling him. He then makes suggestions of who could do a better job as if God didn't create those others too (Exodus 4:11-14 AMP). Would Moses have had it so hard with Pharaoh if he had just accepted what he was called to do instead of whining?

The prophet Samuel, as a child, heard from God and told his mentor Eli what was going to happen to him and his sons because of their evil ways (1 Samuel 1:22-25 AMP). Hearing these things that Eli knew couldn't have come from any where else didn't decide to tell his sons what he heard. He didn't change any of his behavior to turn the matter around. In his foolishness, he continued to do as he was doing and it was to his demise (1 Samuel 3:11-18 AMP). It was a childish decision.

David could have had any woman he desired but instead went after a woman he knew was already married. Once he had his way with her and she told him that she was pregnant. He reacted in fear. He sent for her husband who was away fighting a war so that if her husband would have sex with her he would think the child she was carrying was his. It didn't happen as David planned so he sent Bathsheba's husband to the front line to be killed (2 Samuel 11:1-15 AMP). When asked a hypothetical using the circumstances described above, David was appalled stating that such a man should be punished severely. When David asked what sort of man would do such a thing. The answered received wasn't what he expected.

Oddly enough, of all the older brothers, David had to be king, God chose him. Not even David's father, Obed saw David in such a position. Yet, it was the relationship David has with God that gets him beyond his own wishes for himself. So how does a young man with so much potential to do well, get to the point of being treacherous as he did with Bathsheba? Why did his mentors or those that had greater influence on him change or were they like that all awhile? David was alone in the field with the sheep and his harp making music in worship and praise to the Lord. He then moved to be under the rule of Saul. Saul was head and shoulders above other men and was chosen to be king as well (1 Samuel 9:1-2 AMP). What happened?

When Saul was chosen to be king, he hid when he knew he was going to be introduced. When he was expected to fight a giant, he was afraid and then relied on young David to do the battle for him. Saul was taller then the men in his village. Where was his courage (1 Samuel 10:21-23 AMP)? He surrounded himself with courageous men. Didn't it rub off (1 Samuel 14:52 AMP)? Why didn't the people see that Saul was a coward? Why did they ask God for this man as opposed to keeping God has their leader?

These are the examples women need to remember when accepting an invitation for a date. They have no reason to ask any relative or girl friend what their opinion is. They have preconceived notions of their own. God is the only one that will tell you the truth having your best interests to heart - no one else.

This same is true for men. These examples are to remind you what not to do. See yourself, pick out life examples in the Word, and then do what is right. There is nothing new in the flesh. Its all old and should have passed away as you come into the knowledge of the truth. The fact is, faith is necessary for that to be in production on a constant; and let's face it, we have had our days we would rather not think about. However, if you acknowledge Him first, those faithless days will decrease more and more. Be the man (or woman) that will make God pleased so you can hear Him say, "thou good and faithful servant, well done."

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