Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It Was A Cheating Demon - Really?!!

Alright that makes as much sense as saying, the devil made me do it. Do what? What was it that you did that you have now placed blame on the devil? What is a cheating demon anyway? Aside from playing the blame game, someone who thinks that this is a good enough defense for wrong doing is deluding himself. The purpose of saying this sort of thing is to appeal to those of the faith. We know what it is to be delivered from something that has been entertained for years; however, we also know that the entertaining of  that something kept us from the abundant life is due mostly from ignorance and not a decision to do wrong no matter what.

Is this a judgement and can we be sympathetic to those that are going through something? Sympathetic - of course. Judging someone for falling short of God's glory - of course not (Romans 3:23 KJV). We have all been there, its just that there is a difference between passing judgement and not being naive of the devices of the enemy. Know it or not, there are those that use compassion and sympathy for their own good. This would also include dating for the purposes of marriage.

It is why women need to have patience when it comes to this topic. Praying to God to send her some man because she is desperate to marry or that her loins have a louder voice then her heavenly Father is more of a reason to find it in the Word so that you don't come to God in fear (the real name for desperation), but by faith. For it is impossible to please Him otherwise (Hebrews 11:6 KJV). If you decide not to listen to this instruction and proceed with that wail for a man to come and rescue you from this or that, do not complain when that prayer is answered. If God isn't listening to that desperate cry and you know better, something will answer that cry and you won't like it.

It is also why men need to maintain their relationship with God when He makes that presentation to him for the woman that was created especially for him. I know there are those that believe there is a smorgasbord of beauties just for the picking, but that is not God's way. That's what the world has been doing and because there has not been a proper way to teach men how to find his wife, they tend to reach back to what they are use to - that which has been dead once salvation was decided (2 Corinthians 5:17 AMP). You see, my brothers in Christ, we are where Adam and Eve was before the curse. God presented a woman to Adam. Adam didn't have to hunt her down and travel hither and yon to find her. It wasn't some scavenger game or a beauty contest. It was as simple as being about your Father's business diligently and He will make that presentation better then you could ever do for yourself. How simple is that? Doesn't that sound more like following Jesus then that other thing you thought you had to do (Matthew 11:20 AMP)?

I understand the way King Ahaserus did when he got rid of Queen Vashti and looked for another wife in a beauty pageant. I understand the verse about him finding a wife is a good thing - its just that all of this time I believe it has been taken out of context and there has to be an understanding of ease, simplicity, maintaining the joy and peace in Kingdom Living. That verse and passage in the bible came after the curse was in place. There were many practices that went on because of that curse and the flesh having precedence on what man wanted to do rather than listening to the voice of the Lord and being obedient to it. If your loins speak louder then God's voice then you abide by the passages given and you too will be talking about some demonic spirit that you had to conquer in order to get what God freely gives (John 19:26-28 AMP).

The title of this post came about as from listening to a promotional spot for a lead in on an interview for the evening news. A former mayor of a well known city was ousted from his job. He had an extra-marital affair, a political scandal, bribery, and questionable business transactions attached to his name during his term.The evidence continued to pile against him and through it all, he showed no remorse for what he had done. During the long trial deliberations, all of the people who voted for him was looking to hear him say one thing - a much needed apology. He held a press conference, and the city waited listening for those very important words. Once heard, the city could heal and move on to better things in recovery from what has been done. They waited and waited. Just when they thought he was finally going to say it, he used the word apologize but with an explanation for why he had done wrong. It tainted the apology. He then wrote a book a year later. A year after writing the book, he came back on screen to explain what he had done. His reasoning was this cheating demon.

I believe the entire city's mouth gaped open as he explained what a cheating demon was and how it got him to do all that he was convicted of doing. He took no responsibility for his actions and seeing there was no one else there he could blame, much like Adam blaming the woman, and the woman blaming the serpent - this former mayor just went right to the serpent. Was the church supposed to rally with the confession and bring the rest of the city up to speed? That didn't happen. What's worse, his wife wasn't seen with this new confession and explanation for an apology. Do you think his wife signed up for that? Was this man's character was the thing she was supposed to help him with? What was she supposed to do with a cheating demon? What would you do with it?

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