Monday, June 18, 2012

Sugar Babies

The candy, Sugar Babies, I discovered as a child of maybe 10 years old. I liked the predecessor, Sugar Daddy. To date, back then, it was my favorite. The long caramel on a stick lasted longer then any other candy and it satisfied any sweet cravings a child that age would have for a little while. When I tried the spin off of the Sugar Daddy, it paled in comparison. Having the palette of distinguishing good candy from the mundane (no candy is bad to a 10 year old - except for black licorice), I didn't like the grainy feel on my tongue. After tasting a few of the caramel like balls, I signed off of not to purchase it again. Though others didn't feel the same, it had to be well liked in order to have stayed on the shelves this long.

It is interesting however, the way men refer to women as eye candy when describing certain attributes. Women do the same thing when using the term, beef cake. Yet while both terms allow the listener to understand that the person is attractive, eye candy, unless expounded upon, refers to the extent of the relationship. For instance, a rock star would not have a plain Jane on his arm because he has an image to keep. His fans must also envy his life style. Therefore, he has to have a girlfriend or wife that must play the part. She has to look a certain way. Once her body changes or she shows a funky attitude that receives press, the relationship is over (James 1:11 AMP). However, for that tiny bit of time, the life she lived as a rock star's girlfriend or wife was a wild and fun ride. That tiny bit of time has served as some of those previous eye candy's career starters. Though some would have thought those women wasted their time, they had to do something. Its just business to use their experience to their benefit. The rock stars and other celebrities cannot be upset. They used the eye candy and now the eye candy used them. Its business - as they say.

Viewers see this behavior over and over again in all sorts of media. Children in school, when having book reports, they don't reach back to get some historical figure as we did when I was in grade school, they use those whose music have influenced their lives or current interviews made them sit up in awe. In doing the research, children see and learn - unfortunately (Proverbs 22:6 AMP). Those children having no desire to be an actual rock star but do desire the life style then set their goals. Its disturbing.

The thought process of deciding to be a sugar baby is that there are no commitments. He/she has their eyes set on someone who is wealthy and lonely. Using their assets is the key to get some of the wealthy lifestyle without the discipline or tenacity that went into producing it (Proverbs 22:5 CEB). The sugar daddy or momma understand this and also makes the decision going into the relationship without having to sort with real relationship issues. When finished with whatever is decided upon for that day or night, he/she can retrieve back to their own dwelling until the feeling rises again. For the sugar baby, he/she says it is a sweet deal (pun intended).
The problems arise when the baby grows up and realizes without an education and work, he/she won't have anyone or anything (Hosea 4:6 KJV). The other disturbing problem is when to know that it is over due time to grow up:

The topic for the purposes of Christian dating was decided upon wondering if the temptation is so great that the believer won't wait on God but do what seems to be acceptable in the world (James 1:13 KJV). Will the believer read this information and watch the videos provided only to see something that maybe viable for him/her to do?

I recently saw a broadcast of this very topic where the daughter decided to do such a thing for fun. She then went to college and needing some of her personal things paid for, it was the sugar baby life style that got her out of debt. She divulged this information to her mother. I suppose she was hoping that her mother would cause her to re-think her decision and even be a little disappointed with her. Oddly, her mother saw an opportunity and said she needs some things paid for as well. She encouraged her daughter to still be nice to the gentlemen because Momma needs her rent paid. The daughter continued giving her mother highlights to the dates, all of which weren't always glowing. Finally the daughter got tired of the life style. She announced her decision to quit being a sugar baby to her mother. The mother was disappointed. When the daughter said that the men expected sex, there was a pause (Proverbs 14:1 AMP). The mother got up from the couch that the both of them were sitting on and gazed out of her penthouse window. "It sounds like you are pimping me out Mom. Do you still want me to keep doing this?" she asked. Her mother paused again before quietly saying, no. It was as if she knew that her daughter's decision was going to change the lifestyle that she grew accustomed to.

The entire subject reminded me of a lesson given by a favorite speaker from a well known ministry. He said, "if you keep playing with the enemy, he will take you farther then you ever wanted to go." (Ephesians 4:27 KJV) The lesson being that some believers will minimize poor behavior. He/she would say, "I'll just do a little of this or that then I will ask God forgiveness and won't do it anymore." (James 4:17 AMP) The problem is sin doesn't have a measurement and will come to get its wages (Romans 6:23 AMP). Be warned.

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