Monday, October 15, 2012

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Says who? This is some thing that has been perpetuated in the world but has no place in the hearts of true believers. Anything said often enough can be accepted but it doesn't mean it is the truth. If you accept such a statement, it should also convey 3 other things about you:
1. You have not studied the Word for yourself.
2. You don't know who you are in Christ.
3. You have very little faith in God through Christ Jesus.

For some reason, things have been twisted. Why would any woman be on the look out or is using whatever means she can to find any man? Why isn't her efforts put to better use? Is the reason why she is on "the hunt" because she considers herself virtuous, wise, and good? She has cleaned all of her skeletons from her closet, she has finished the assignment God has given to her, and she has thoughtfully considered her ways. So instead of waiting for patience to have her perfect work, she has decided to do it her way? What do you think the product or outcome of that action will produce?

When the World Wide Web began in the mid 90's, I was so excited and found all sorts of chat rooms and fledgling dating sites for Christians. I met a variety of characters from all over the world and certain sorts I would have rather never met at all. In so doing, I created an account on a dating site. I sorted through the thumbnail avatars and profiles. Emails were sent but nothing ever became of those chats. Soon, I became bored. A few weeks ago, I was discussing with a few other believers on Facebook about dating sites. I divulged with them my experiences from years back as they did with me. We laughed over our attempts at trying to find the perfect man; nevertheless, I became intrigued with why I ever stopped going on such dating sites. The idea along with the improvements of technology, certainly the dating sites have tightened up on the mistakes that have been made. I decided to try "the game" once again, forgetting what I learned from before and the Word which tells me otherwise. I was almost giddy with excitement. I tried to open an account with my usual username. I was disappointed to find that it was already in use. I then created a close facsimile and opened an account. The improvements that I found over and over again was that the sites were the same as they were in the 90's, the only difference was that the members were being charged for the improvements. The sites that are free get the same service that was offered in the 90's. As I thumbed through the pages, I also noticed that without paying, the user doesn't get the up to date photographs either. I was disappointed again. I then decided to look up who was it using my username. Color me surprised to find that it was my old account that I deleted from years back. It was the third time being disappointed. I didn't like the fruit of this seed.

The Word, a believer's only means of truth, states in Proverbs 31, a virtuous woman: who can find her? In these days and times such the question seems more and more prevalent. Everyone would like a wonderful partner to spend the rest of his/her life with, but what is being offered in return? There is a saying that I have said to my children, "everyone likes to reside in a clean house, but not everyone likes to clean the house." To keep a clean house takes discipline, maturity, and the desire for order. There is a virtue in that. All women don't have even that smallest part of virtue. How would men know this?

The answer is the same as it is for the title of this post: God is good. Without accepting His Son, no one would know how to find a virtuous woman or how to keep a good man. You would have to know good to obtain, maintain, and sustain good.

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eric said...

PREACH! i know what u men. i as a man am tirec of hearing wemen say that..because i am NOT hard to find. i myself can say tha same thing about a woman, but i dont. in order to find what it is im looking for in a woman i first start with my self.. i change certain things about myself, i improve certain things abour my self. what ever it is im looking for in a woman i first instill in myself...