Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stuck On Stupid (part 1)

Of course we don't think of ourselves as ever being stuipid. It's always the other guy... and yet without telling anyone some of our actions makes the other guy feel better.

I cannot count how many times I have heard the most selfish, arrogant, foolish, things people say and do in  regular conversation. Not the clients I've counseled; not really television; everyday lives of people calling themselves Christian with justifications (sounds like excuses) for doing and believing such nonsense. And then when you ask them to give you scripture (our guide for living) and they get angry at you - like you asked for something crazy! Just because it might sound cool or it makes you feel better when you are angry does not mean we let those words come out of our mouths. We think good things and speak good things. You know, God being good and the greater one on the inside of you or should I just remind you of what your mother use to say: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Here are some examples of some of the things I have heard over the last few months. The scripture reference is simply proof of why those words should not be spoken. Recall the word does tell us to be angry and sin not (Ephesians 4:26 KJV). Much of the sinning we do come from the words we speak (James 3:1-8 AMP). In these examples you might see yourself or someone else. If it is someone else, refer them to this blog. You have helped to save them from themselves.

1. She has had plenty of men and the last one was 6 months ago being a Christian all of her life (Matthew 7:16 AMP).
2. Out of prison and could only think of you (same scripture as above).
3. A millionaire with long filthy fingernails and runned over shoes. How long will those millions or good sense be (Proverbs 28:22 AMP)?
4. He says he hates his mother (Proverbs 15:20 AMP).
5. She says her father is an idiot (Proverbs 20:20 AMP).
6. You visit the parents and the house is full of garbage. (Proverbs 6:9-11 AMP)
7. He loses his temper because the bread is too cold for the butter (Proverbs 15:18 AMP).
8.The sun is up when it should have rained and it is the contents of a complaining one sided conversation for 40 minutes.
9. His whole day is ruined because his favorite sports team didn't win the championship (a Heisman,  a trophy - whatever!).
10. He borrows money from you based on how many times he paid the bill when out on dates with you (Romans 13:8 KJV).

As you listen to this person speak such foolish things, do you still believe he or she can be the one? How long must this go on before you realize that you should be running away? The examples might be funny but scripture puts things in perspective. We might think that because we chose life we have all of the answers. The truth is someone prayed and God's mercy and grace is doing overtime for the person that speak such things. When you do get off of that merri-go-round to no where, know that Wisdom isn't on that path. She's way over a ways away and to the RIGHT. If you continue to date such the individual that speaks like what is shown above, it will eventually affect the peace and joy you sought to begin with. The Word tells us to seek Wisdom early while we can (Proverbs 1:27-29 AMP). Would this mean that there will be a time where Wisdom will be difficult to find?

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