Monday, June 27, 2011

Chubby Chasers

This might sting for some believers but read through it anyway; I don't like writing fluff pieces. The purpose for this blog is for edification, exhortation, and comfort.

Having to be one of many needing to lose a few pounds, when I heard that there were men who liked women with something they could hold on to, I actually took a sigh of relief. So much pressure to be a certain size had left and for awhile I could concentrate on other matters that got me from point A to point B (Matthew 6:25-34 AMP). But then, I got deeper in the Word of God, gained some knowledge, and received an education. Because of my career choice coupled with the anointing, I observed more then I ever could before. I then wondered if I could speak to a handful of those Chubby Chasers individually, what would I find?

First, I understood how I felt when approached by an interested man. There was something he liked that allowed  him to be confident in coming toward me and asking my name. Eventually, I had to ask the question, "what attracted you to me?" Would his answer be all smooth and full of flattery or will he be speaking the truth? I knew men that focused on approaching generously curved women. When asked why, they gave the answer that pleased plump women (pun, not intended). Once pleased, the relationship could pursue; however, after the dynamic became comfortable, pleasing words were too far and few between to maintain that initial state of perseverance. Why?

In order to know the truth to be set free (John 8:32 AMP), one has to open the bible and actually study it to see where the precious gems apply. The only place where I can recall God writes about an over weight person is in describing the priest that raised Samuel from when he was a boy. That priest was described as evil. The prophetic word spoken to him had to do with matters he was responsible for and didn't do, one of them being the raising of his children. For the acts he did not turn from doing and those he wouldn't start to do, his demise came from the weight of his body (1 Samuel 4:18 AMP). Other passages that speak of fat and food are usually taken in the context of spirituality so the one passage that isn't favorable is literally about obesity and has been overlooked.

It is written that we must present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God (Romans 12 :1 KJV). When living holy, we have adhered, to the principles of righteousness and are in right standing with Him. Having that written, the other part of the verse is acceptable. Can one be holy and unacceptable?

Look at it from an everyday occurrence. If you were going to a family gathering - let's call it a picnic in one of the hottest days of the Summer. A spread was completed for all to get a plate. Sort of a serve yourself buffet style. There were several meats that had been cooked on the grill, a number of side dishes that had heating units keeping them at an appropriate temperature, and as much as one could drink in a number of ice coolers. Then Uncle Ray-Ray says, "Oh, I forgot the potato salad." He runs to the trunk of the car, opens it, hauls back an enormous tub of homemade potato salad, and places it on the table with everything else. He opens the lid for people to dig in. Are all faces as eager to have a scoop of that dish as they are with the rest of the meal? Why? Uncle Ray-Ray isn't out for the destruction of his family. He came to have a good time like everyone else. If one stands and prays over all of the food on the table with a hardy amen from all of those hearing the prayer in agreement, is everyone still apt to take a heaping spoonful of potato salad? Its holy because of the prayer and the agreement. Why isn't it acceptable or is it?

A large man or woman can say and actually believe that he/she is fine with what they look like and like themselves; nevertheless, if God calls this large person to minister the Word on a regular basis, would this person be able to do all of the walking and standing that the job entails? The message being ministered is all anointed and on point, but are the people listening? Do you have their attention or are they fascinated with the heavy breathing, the pouring of sweat that is going on with little to no physical exertion, and the constant pauses that is being taking for the gathering of thoughts so not to be distracted by the looks of the very ones being ministered to? Does that scene look good and acceptable unto God? It has been permitted for this person to maintain this weight but is it profitable for this weight to be maintained?

I have family members that like large sized people. I use the the word  people because there are women and men that do and not just men only. I watched the dynamic of the relationship and didn't like what I saw. The large person is made comfortable believing that the average sized person loves him/her. But let there be a disagreement and the implication, if not more harsh of words, of the weight does come up. The larger person is passive about the topic even if the point being made is a good one. I then assessed that large people are easy to be bullied and if this person would like to stay in the relationship, he/she allows the bullying to continue. It is domestic violence but no one can see the marks but the person being bullied and God (1 Samuel 16:7 AMP). Its been accepted but it definitely isn't holy.

Yesterday, my pastor's daughter preached a message about the mess we get ourselves into. In the message, she brought up the issues she has been having with losing weight. She said that people would tell her, "its not what you are eating, its what been eating at you." Profound as the person telling the quote may have thought it was, without the Word and real counseling, it was just annoying to hear. Her answer back was, "what's eating at me is being fat! What do you do with that?"

I am not against those that like large people, necessarily. I would just like the question asked for the person doing the pursuing, why? And to the large person, stop being so desperate for the attention and ask the person interested a few more questions. A large woman was reported as being happy with her marriage but not with what she looked like. She started to lose the weight and then her husband was no longer interested in her. They divorced. The woman had to make a decision (Proverbs 18:21 AMP). As much as she loved her husband should it be at the cost of her health? And why wouldn't he understand that? How could he not look past what she looks like after so many years and love who she really is? Then again, divorces have also been made because of weight gain. This is not holy or acceptable.

God is love and He loves you. Whether big or small. What is your desire? Is it to lose the weight, maintain the weight you have, or gain a few pounds? Let Him know. He has orchestrated a path for you where you would not have stumble about on or react to a situation out of desperation. If you adhere to His Word and do what is necessary, you will see all that He has in stored for thee.  

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