Thursday, June 16, 2011

Presentation Is Everything!

This is a phrase that is used in the catering and food industry when they are trying to increase sales. Food photographers learn tricks to make a hamburger more appealing in a picture by painting the meat and vegetables with oil. This way the veggies look fresh and the meat looks juicy. They also use this phrase when selling property. Many times on the more high end properties, real estate brokers will hire interior decorators to stage the house to make it look more like a home so when potential buyers come to view the property, the presentation makes it more appealing for them to envision themselves living in the house. Its all for the purpose of the outward appearance of a thing. Is the food good for you? Will the house have the type of strong structure that will withstand 30 more years of wear and tear? Who knows? All they are looking for is to sell a bill of goods. Whether you do what you are suppose to do is completely up to you (Matthew 6:33 KJV).

Now, let's see how God does this very thing to you in Christian dating. Of course, it's much different because it is God and He is holy and every motive to do what He does is for your benefit. So when He makes a presentation, it is going to be far above what you could ask for or think (Ephesians 3:20 KJV). Look how He made that presentation for Adam (Genesis 2:20-25 KJV). Would that we could see what that was like, he more then likely didn't have the words to speak seeing himself in female form. Just think what a surprise to wake up from a sound sleep to see what God has done for you now! Is that what man has been doing by picking up every Jane, Sue, and Mildred to take home to bed so he can wake with a surprise? Man cannot do what God can. Look what he wakes up to: a stranger, someone who has been around many, many times before, unknown diseases, guilt, and sin. Well, I guess that too is far more then what he imagined or could think too. Ew!

Still, in these days and times with us asking God everything we can, needing Him now more then ever to get us the mate that is equal to us rather then finding some similar facsimile of what we think we want, there are those who won't accept the person God has presented him with. I find this utterly fascinating. She is more then likely devastated because as Eve was aware of why she was there so is every other woman whom God prepared for the presentation (John 16:13 KJV). And what did this guy do? Nothing. Not a hello, my name is such and so. Not a little note. Not one whisper to someone else to go and ask her a question, as junior high school as that may sound, not even that. There she is waiting and waiting because of what the Word says and still he doesn't make a move. She is smiling. She is dressed in her best all of the time.  She is right there praying and thanking God. You can't say that you don't sense the joy and peace of God. So what is the deal? Why has he not made a move, a cough, a grunt... something?!!

This has actually happened.Whether it was me or a client is neither here nor there. The point of the matter is, a friend gave some unsolicited advise and said, "if he hasn't come to speak to you, then he isn't interested." To give those words credence or even said back to me, in a counseling session, was painful. It had no merit in the Word of God, yet the facts are what they are. He made no effort even after the presentation was made. Adam didn't do this with Eve. He woke and declared her bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. You can't get anymore absolute then that. He was pleased with God's selection. So what sort of man wouldn't be?

I have attended many singles meeting and have heard many ministers speak on what women should and shouldn't do. There are those who speak on getting the gray out of your hair and start going to the gym more often and then there are those who tell women that God made a woman for every man's taste. Some bigger then others while some like them as small as can be. Don't worry. Truth be told there are more sermons of the former then of the latter. Personally, for many years I was going to the beauty salon, the gym (or trying to convince myself to go), getting pedicures, manicures, a new outfit every Sunday (dressing in his favorite color), getting my car detailed (just in case he looks inside), brushing up on my cooking skills, going to church functions and volunteering where ever I was needed based on all of those messages that I believed was a Word from the Lord specifically directed to me. God knows I was exhausted. None of that stuff I did that was based on those messages was edifying, exhorting, or comforting (1 Corinthians 14:3 KJV). When I finally stopped all of that stuff, I was so relieved. It was like keeping up with the Jones' when there were no such group of people.

I got quiet and started thinking about what kind of guy watches any woman go through all of those changes and doesn't come and rescue her from herself? The better question is, why would the woman make all of those changes if God presented her before she did all of that?

A woman saw the man she knew was to be her husband. They spoke sporadically in passing through the various church functions. Both were interested in getting married and were faithful in getting their prayers answered. It took about a year before this young man spoke to the woman he was praying for and she accepted his invitation for a date. It was known that the two were dating for quite some time in the church until he was about to propose marriage. When the rest of the congregation heard who was dating whom, the woman that had been praying for her husband wasn't the one he was dating. When she saw the two of them together, she was so hurt. Each time she came to church and saw the two of them, the pain pierced even deeper. The emotion was far too much for her to control and eventually she stopped going to church services not understanding why God didn't answer her prayers. According to her, he was her husband.

This was told to me and I watched the man grow in the Lord. His wife appeared to be so happy as she had one child after another, yet the demeanor of the man once so pleased with whom he married seemed troubled. He was a minister in the church for quite some time and then it was announced that he was to serve elsewhere. A few years later, he was back, but wasn't on staff as one of the ministers. Yet, when needed he was right there. I would see him quite often at the public library looking very busy with some sort of business transaction, still not a smile looking pleased with his life at all. His wife was always smiling as her family continued to grow. I prayed for them. I then heard that the woman who believed she was the one for this man, had an emotional break. I prayed for her as well. That man never did get his position back on staff. There was never an announcement that I heard that he was needed elsewhere. I did wonder why God would have a man marry, have children and then have him and that family move all over the place for the sake of the ministry. This also happened to another minister. He toyed with a woman's affections, according to her. She believed this was the man she was to marry. They went to ministerial school together. They joked around often and went to every singles meeting together. If he wasn't interested, he didn't let her know. Then all at once he stopped talking to her. She sobbed at telling me this and wondered what lesson was God trying to teach her. He married someone else and his wife looked very happy so are the children, but he looked as if he was dealing with trouble on every side. He was promoted and then was ready to begin his own ministry, as it was announced to the congregation. Then out of nowhere, he was gone. As it was told to me, it just didn't work out. Both of these men are anointed and God fearing men. The calling on their lives is so powerful. Not one person can walk away from either of them and not be the better for having a conversation with them. Therefore, it was difficult for me to understand that they would not receive what God presented them with.

Many men think that when they decide to ask God for a wife, they can do what King Ahaserus did in having a beauty pageant to get more of a wide selection (Esther 2:1-4 AMP).  I know my Heavenly Father, He also loves me and would not have me to be in a pageant where the possibility of me losing and getting hurt could be the outcome. If a real man of God were to study that passage in Esther, he could see that the King took advice when he was drunk (Esther 1:8 AMP). Though he offered all there to drink as well, no one else did but him. Then when he called for Queen Vashti, she decided not to come. The Princes then feared that their wives would do the same thing, so they devised to send a message to all women that if they did such a thing then the reaction to that action would be a divorce. The King decreed it based on the fear of Princes. You do know what Princes are, don't you? They are.... not the King! The pageant, that men smile believing they can have too, was based from fear and a broad means to land in some trouble. Why would God still do what is no longer necessary? The King made this decree after the fall of man. Jesus has come. We then are able to have what Adam had before the fall. There are no pageants for women to get their feelings hurt because they don't measure up to some unknown standard. There are no more seeking the advice of others who don't have nearly what God has called you to have. There is only one to trust in (Isaiah 26:3 AMP). The One who created all, knows all, and is all.

The day of Judgement is coming. What will men of God say when presented before Him and He asks of them, "why did you do this or that?" The Word tells us to present our case and remind God of His Word (Isaiah 43:25-27 AMP). The Word is, after all our defense (Psalm 94:22 AMP). And there he will be telling God what is written. Would he use what was deemed as righteous from the Old or New Testament? Would he use scriptures from Ecclesiastes where Solomon states that money answers all things (Ecclesiastes 10:19 KJV)? Course, by that time when Solomon wrote that passage, he had been disobedient to God having married over 700 women foreign to the faith (1 Kings 11:1-3 AMP). Or would the man realize that it would be better stating what Jesus, Himself, said?

God will make His final presentation to the Lord. There will only be one worthy to be His bride. No pageants. No going through different ones to see if sexually compatible, temperament worthy, congenial, or of proper credit status. The wheat and the tares will be separated (Matthew 13:36-40 KJV). The goats from the sheep (Matthew 25:31-34 KJV). And there she will be without spot or wrinkle (Ephesians 5:24-33 KJV). Only One.

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