Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just A Few More Questions

I recall listening to a sermon about getting a man interested by wearing his favorite color. Because this was a minister and what I recall in the bible, I listened to the instruction, went to the store and bought all of these clothes of this particular color. Every time I went to church, I had this color on that I would not normally wear. Then I thought about it, is this disrupting my peace? Do I like wearing this color? How much money did I spend buying all of these clothes? Who am I trying to impress and even after I get his attention, will I like what he has to say and what he is about? How long will he be staring at the color I have on before finding out what is in my heart?

In making an assessment of the person you are dating for the purposes of marriage, there has to come a time where you have some pertinent questions to ask. These questions cannot be superficial and it would give some insight to the person's intentions and exactly what is in his/her heart. Again, as unromantic as it may seem, it is after all like an interview. Why waste so much time only to find that you are with the wrong person after emotions are all involved? In an interview, there is a strategic process that Human Resource managers have. They ask questions where the interviewee has to be quick on his/her feet and answer with the first thing that comes to mind. This tactic lets the interviewer know what the interviewee would really do in any given situation that may come about. With improved technology, the very questions that Human Resource strategists have put together to find the best candidate can be found on the internet to be reviewed before the interview and therefore defeats the purpose of getting that first response.

Having been on both sides of the desk, I detest one particular question to ask or to answer. It is the one about if you had to list your weaknesses what are they? As a Christian, the Word tells us to let the weak say I am strong and the poor, say I am rich. So to make a list of what you are weak in, wouldn't it defeat the purpose in stating the obvious? In business, those weaknesses better not be something that is abhorrent to society or distasteful to a business yet there better be a weakness or you will be viewed as too arrogant thinking that you are perfect. So what do you say? Of course something adorable so the interviewer tries to not to say the proverbial, "awww". For instance, one of my answers (years ago) to be a  youth specialist was, "I care too much." It was like administering a cavity without enjoying the candy. Not to mention it became increasing difficult to come up with innovative answers and to listen to the drivel that people came up with.

Truth be known, it was just so much easier in following after the Holy Spirit who knows the heart of all. When I did so, I got matched with the perfect job and had the best employees when doing the hiring. How much more so would this be true if we did the same thing with the mate for life decision? Would God care more or less? Then trust Him!

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