Saturday, December 3, 2011

Decent and In Order

In the dating guide (not yet published), I warn men of women desperate to be married. There are some simple tricks that men can do when Wisdom has taken a back seat to the sight of a tiny waist and brimming cleavage (that is a warning all by itself - 2 in fact). It is for the men to ask his date for something insignificant that every woman should carry in her purse. If it takes her more then a few seconds to give to you what you asked for, either rethink the prospects of her being the one or examine yourself.

In the position I hold currently, I check on the elderly to see if all is well with them. At night there is a system in place to let me know that they are doing fine and there is no need for me to enter into their premises to check. When they have not used the program, it is of their own will but the ones that do, do so for the added security. I have not found any of them on the floor not able to get up or worse; however, my co-worker has. What I have seen is that many live their lives very orderly to the point of their apartments not looking lived in at all. Something out of a magazine. But there are those that have everything all over the place yet you could not tell this by seeing them on a daily basis. They are bathed, coiffed, and speak as if educated. These are the elderly. They raised a generation of people and those raised another generation. Could they have created these habits after they retired or while they raised their children?

I had two friends through the years that I thought I knew, and then when entering their environment, I found if I had known they lived this way from the onset, they would have never been called my friends (Matthew 12:33 AMP). Would you call me superficial or shallow for believing this? If so, put yourself in the environment of a hoarder. With that environment in mind, you see the owner of that hoarding space and he/she sees you. What would your conversation consist of? Can you separate the living conditions from the personality? Would you invite this person to your house to get to know you and your family better? Would you have this person around your children to possibly influence them?

I had to ask myself, why would these two people gravitate towards me? What was it that they found attractive to be friends with me? The easy answer is Christ and be done with it. Now if looking at this on the perspective of a life long mate, would the answer be just as simple when finding traits in the other that is not so attractive? What if the perspective mate is a hoarder? Know that hoarding is a mental abnormality in the individual's understanding, why then would you believe that this person was the one? Did God make the presentation for this person to be your wife knowing that He sees the heart of man and tells us not to be unequally yoked? So, you must then ask Him who sees all, what is in your heart that would make you equal to a hoarder (Genesis 2:15 AMP)?

Now look at the matter from a larger perspective. We know that marriage comes first, then the consideration of the family and how large it should be is also planned - ideally (Habakkuk 2:2 AMP). Granted plans aren't always followed and mistakes have been made over the years; nevertheless, when do such mistakes become a way of life and were all parties in agreement to it? Life, in of itself, has order. We can see this in the first chapters of Genesis as God created the world. With this in mind, why haven't the lessons returned to order instead of said mistakes when raising the next generation? We see the differences in children when both parents are in the home and committed to each other as opposed to living together. We understand why God has order in the family. If we understand this, should there be any man still trying to seek a relationship purposely without the benefits of marriage? If this has happened and eventually after so many years, he decides to do the right thing without getting it right before God, then you have just discovered why the attacks and turmoil has been going on in your life. If there are children from previous relationships that are not being taken care of before embarking on a new relationship, you also have discovered the root of your trouble (1 Timothy 5:8 KJV).

Ladies, you will also be held accountable for accepting the invitation to do anything outside of what you know is right. He cannot say anything that could caused you to do anything without your consent. Having children out of order is forgivable, if you ask for it and not make it a pattern to keep on doing. As a counselor of women who have told me of their lives in the church and the many mistakes they have made over the years (as we all have done); however, God is not mocked (Galatians 6:7 KJV). You can euphemise a decision of poor quality for as long as you are ignorant of the Word afterwards, its amiss because God sees your heart. It is the answer as to why you have not. God is not a man that He should lie nor the son of man that He should repent (Numbers 23:19 AMP). We know where disobedience will lead.

When asking for something simple from your date to take out of her purse, she shouldn't have to dump a barrage of crap out before getting to it or to find that she doesn't have it at all. She should know what is in that tiny space that she carries where ever she goes. If she finds it difficult to retrieve a tissue, lotion, or a mint how do you think she will be able to help you or manage a house?

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