Sunday, February 5, 2012

Do You Really Know How Good God Is?

Yesterday the blahs tried to give me suggestions to entertain. You know what they are. Its crap that try to put you in some melancholy border line on depression mood. Most often, I don't have the time nor inclination to give asinine, stupid suggestions any credence but this time for whatever the reason, I started to wonder and ask God a bunch of those why questions.

Before continuing, I must preface for you to think of a child asking an adult those why questions. Some adults find this enjoyable to be able to teach the child lessons that he/she will never forget. Others find why this and why that annoying because one answer feeds another question. On the perspective of listening to the why question, say  that 3 letter word three times. What does it sound like to you? This is why when asking God anything, I have to come correct with His Word. It sounds better and more often then not, the answer I usually find in the question. It is so peculiar!

Back to giving credence to asinine suggestions (Ephesians 4:27 KJV). Its the suggestions that come in your mind for you to have those blahs. Such lunacy as:
-You will never be able to marry again.
- Having children, at your age!
- You will never find the right person, in these days and times.
- Always looking and never finding anyone.
- Isn't anyone good enough?
- Shouldn't you lower your standards by now? You aren't 20 anymore.
- You have too many issues.
- Your obsessing to much.
- You have a complex.
- It's not them, it's really you.
- Why not just grab a dunderhead and change him. At least you'll be married and will have something to do.
- Do you just want to work your entire life?
- How come everyone else has someone and you don't?
- You know, beauty fades and once that's gone, then what?
- You shouldn't have broken it off with what's his/her name. That could have been your only prospect.
- So what, she 's pregnant. Are you too good to raise someone else's child?
- She won't sleep with anyone else once you marry her.
- Try it out, go ahead! She might be the only one for you.
- Alright, he doesn't have a job and lives with his mother, but if you date him he'll only be with you.
- Com'mon, he's a minister! That's a guarantee that he'll be faithful! What other prospects do you have? None.

These are some suggestions that have either worked in your own mind or in others who have absolutely nothing positive to say but had to make their way to you to say one of the aforementioned statements (Ephesians 6:12 KJV). I have looked at said persons in a way to express (but not to open my mouth): you had to walk past several people interrupt the thought provoking conversation I was having to ask (or state) that moronic drivel? (yes, I can make my face say all of that). With that expression, they take their tired, asinine, stupid, message sending, self back where they came from.

In a different blog, I wrote a  post, entitled, "Crap Can't Attach Itself". I write about suggestions made that are entertained. Once entertained and if its not seeds of love, joy, peace, or righteousness, you've decided to feed a beast that will rob you of your Kingdom (Matthew 6:33 KJV). If the suggestion is not from God's Word, you will soon be surrounded with trouble which brings fear. Can you now see some of those why questions you had, answered?

In my younger spiritual years (full grown physically), I believed the Lord presented me to a man who was obviously interested. It seemed though, every time he tried to approach me something would detour him in another direction. It was the oddest thing but I kept my peace about it. A few weeks later, I was in this bible book store and came upon Stormie  O'Martian's book, "The Power of a Praying Wife". Believing to be led of the Lord, I purchased the book and got to work. I studied it, highlighted pertinent parts of it, meditated on it, and even wrote prayers to use over and over again. It became a part of my daily confessions for over a year. Why? I wasn't married. Why would I do such a thing?

There happened to be a benefit that God saw to what is now called archaic. It was for the woman's protection and the other is for the man. The reason I write the woman first is because, while it is often preached by a man that woman was made for the man and not the other way around, God has not forgotten her. He is her father too and would not have her to perish. If she (we) are obedient to His will and His way, we too have the promises that have been given to man.

For the woman: are you willing to be the help that he needs? Would you change to do God's will for that to happen? Would you sacrifice what is necessary? Do you know how to test each voice to know that it is of God and not your flesh, will, and/or emotion (1 John 4:1-6 KJV)? If you can answer those questions definitely without wavering, then stand and be patient. No matter what....BE PATIENT! No why questions afterwards. Why questions at this point feeds the beast. You should already have the answers and assured by what you know (Isaiah 32:17 KJV). What manifests from why questions afterward is proof that you have lost your confidence and your faith is wavering (James 1:6-7 KJV). Anyone attracted to that is something you do not want to date. Understand?

Now back to the man that I was presented to. I noticed that he had this really nice car, so of course, he had a good job. But this not approaching me was starting to get worrisome. He approached other women. He laughed, conversed, and joked around with other women. Because of what I saw, it didn't take long before I gave credence to every suggestion I heard about him and questioned if I was actually ready to marry again. One so called friend stated, "if he didn't come and talk to you that means he's not interested. Every man interested in me comes and talks to me." Then she had this expression as if she was hoping I believed her. She continued to talk and I knew it was to discourage me. The funny part about what she was saying is, I never told her anything about this man, yet she made it her assignment to convince me to not believe what God said to me.

It wasn't until much later after sorting through and coming out of all that crap did I realize, God had already placed a foundation of protection answering my prayers. That man could have come as he already was, but instead of that list that we use to make for a man to fit into, I prayed according to God's Word. Yes, I might be made for him yet is he meeting what God's will is in his life and if he doesn't, it will affect everything in both of our lives whether I have all of these talents he needs or not.

We all change. Temperament, tolerance, ideas, appetites, and desires will change as well. If not in agreement even temporarily, what direction will those changes go? They won't be together because the Word tells us this (Amos 3:3 KJV). Prayer must be in place to avail much (James 5:16 KJV). That man pontificating whether he should speak to me or not was to my benefit. Stop listening to that biological clock that not even the world speaks about anymore. Concern yourself not about graying temples or crow's feet around your eyes. Those are suggestions that you do not want to manifest and have to go through. Remain in peace. Keep your joy. Guard you heart. This is just a fraction of seeing God's goodness upon your life and mine. too.

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