Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Presentation Is Everything (part 2)

I made a presentation for a corporate meeting. I had been training a number of clients in a program the Lord gave me to develop. I was thoroughly enjoying myself seeing the manifestation unfold before me as these people changed their lives from what they use to do. It came a time when questions were being asked of the clients and sooner then I expected the executives of the corporation desired for me show them what I have been doing. Initially, I thought I was making this presentation before my supervisor and co-workers so they would know what to do if there were ever a reason why I couldn't be there. I wasn't shocked to find out the CEO and other officials would be sitting in to hear, I would have preferred otherwise.

In making the presentation, I had handouts, folders, supplies to show what I give to the clients, I had a time line, goals to establish and what has been completed. I was confident with what I knew and any questions were welcomed and answered with assurance. I couldn't be shaken. It was good.

God created the heavens and the earth. He spoke into existence all that He desired to create. When He created man, He had already established for man to have something to do. As God looked over all He had done, it seemed as if He had listed it and was checking off what was completed. He officiated it as being good. When He created man, he stopped and looked over everything else seeing that all of the animals had mates and man didn't, He caused man to fall into a deep sleep and then created woman. When completed, He presented her to him. There wasn't a question. Man made a statement officiating her to him. God established that what He had done was good (Genesis 2:18-25 KJV).

Now, we have this life that we chose way back when (Deuteronomy 30:19 KJV). We have established some things in our lives that have worked for us and others that we needed to let go. In so doing, there comes a time when we also agree with what has been written and also believe that it isn't good for us to be alone, so we pray for God to make that presentation for us or prepare us to be presented. What would those preparations be?

In the parable of 10 virgins (Matthew 25:1-10 KJV), 5 were ready for the bridegroom and 5 weren't. If all 10 had their trunks full of all of the outward things that would make them beautiful and smell wonderful, why was it necessary for them to have oil? Why would the bride groom require oil? Was it something necessary for those times and have no pertinence for these days? Isn't it peculiar that in the Old Testament the anointing is described as a holy oil that is literally smeared into a person or thing. In the New Testament the anointing is described much differently. It is said that the holy anointing is in those who believe (1 John 2:27 AMP). It is what causes talent to be extraordinary as opposed to what everyone else has. It is the peace and joy we seek in our lives and with all of that it is in righteousness. This is what prepares us for the second coming of Christ. It is what God is looking for when He sees the church. We have to look more like Him so that He will never ask of us what He asked of Adam, "where are you?" when this happens, there will be a presentation, like no other. His only begotten Son will be reunited with whom He gave His life for.

Can I get truly real for a moment? I mean like deep into the secrets of your hygiene. There are those that have said that they aren't going to shave their legs anymore. The reason these women have said this is because their men think that it is sexy for them to have hairy legs and that the stubble is too scratchy for them to deal with. So it was less work for the ladies and the men don't have to feel sandpaper snuggling against them. Let me use this analogy for that. A young man's mother asked for him to do the dishes. He detested doing the dishes and needed to find a way to get out from doing them. He thought and nothing came to mind. One evening when his mother beckoned him to do the dishes, he grumbled and complained to himself as he made his way to the kitchen. While he was in the process of doing the dishes with the attitude that he had, he dropped a dish and shattered it. "Oops," he said, not meaning to have broken the dish. "Be careful," his mother shouted back to him. Just then the thought came to him to get out of doing the dishes. He waited  for a few minutes, then took a saucer and deliberately dropped it to the floor. "Oops!", he said again. This time his mother said nothing. He waited a little longer before dropping the third item and also shattering it. "I'll clean it up", he shouted out. By this time, his mother was at the threshold of the kitchen. She looked at him disgusted and said, "you can leave. I don't need for you to do dishes for me anymore." The young man struggled to look innocent but managed to get out the words, "are you sure?" Without a reply, he left the kitchen smirking that his plan worked. Could he have been surprised that when ever he needed his mother for anything, she was never available for him? Whether she planned it that way, or just by chance, she was not available to go to his games, didn't have the money when he needed it for field trips, school functions, or when purchasing any extras that his other classmates had money for. He couldn't attend any extra-curricular activities because during that time the family didn't have transportation. How peculiar that his siblings being 1-2 years younger never plotting to get out of what was their chore always had what ever they needed for school and any other function.

How does this apply? When a woman continues to shave her legs or any part of her body consistently, there isn't razor stubble that her man will experience that he finds unattractive. The foolishness of convincing him that being hairy is better and softer just so that he won't complain will lead to a product you won't want to have to deal with. Does it look appealing for him to see your legs are hairier then his? Is it better to have the lights out when he will want to see what you look like, but because you look like Cousin It, he would rather not compare how much more hair you have then he does. God is not mocked. Being lazy about normal hygiene will be seed sown. Shave your legs, arm pits, have the Brazilian thing done, and don't forget about those whiskers. You know what I mean, ladies! Continue to do so once a week and if you are hairier then the average person, start at three times a week. If you aren't willing to do the least of this, don't complain when you get your equivalence.

Guys, the hygiene thing is colossal. You cannot try to get it together at the last minute. It has to be a habit to bathe on a regular basis. That means daily! It is of great importance to most women that there is not food in your facial hair or when the nose has been blown, that all remnants of whatever came out of your nose isn't straggling behind in the 'stache or the beard. Brushed teeth should be a given and you wouldn't think it is necessary to say including mouth wash, but just having teeth would also be a bonus. If you played it rough back in the day or just liking the contact sport of what ever it is you do as a hobby or just haven't got around to getting those teeth back in your head because of dental appointments are hard to keep or make, just do it. Or stop pestering God for you to have this gorgeous model when you look like Grizzly Adams. This is your reasonable service. It is what is expected of you...like walking. You cannot complain when the presentation received is your equivalence.

Have you prepared yourself. Can your body be presented? What does your heart look like? Has your mind been renewed daily? Is there going to be a waiting process?

Can God present you the way you are? If you were to be presented today, are you willing to live with the equivalence of who you are for the rest of your life without complaint? If you are praying and asking God when, when, when, do you have all in place, providing for the household, vision written plainly, and a plan to carry it out? It is a reasonable service that is required of you, yet you expect much when you haven't done the least of the things that has been asked of you. What say you people of God? Are you ready for the Bridegroom?

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