Thursday, August 21, 2014

There Is An Order

It is the reason that the theory of evolution is ludicrous. There is an order to everything. God did not take something that was void and out of order to create more disorder. An explosion doesn't put things in place. Explosions don't separate the heavens and the earth, placing the water where it needs to be so aquatic animals have a place, trees standing upright where birds and squirrels have a place, placing man in a place where all is provided for him (Genesis 1 AMP). Explosions cause disorder.

Understand that anything that is a God idea has a constructive function, is decent, in order and is good (1 Corinthians 14:40 AMP). Marriage is a God idea. The function of 2 people working together for a place to be established for their comfort and for the procreation of more just like those 2 people is an order that should not be disturbed. It works. There is no reason to fix something that has been working well for centuries. Stop picking at it and tweaking it. Its perfect.

Who is it that picks on a marriage? Too many to mention. Just know when everyone has such good advice to bestow upon your beginning relationship, sift through it all. People, whether they believe that Jesus is Lord or not, have all sorts of intentions for giving unwanted or unsolicited advice. Working in a senior community, I looked forward to my first day and continued to be excited about my job for little over a year. I expected for these elderly people to bestow upon me their wisdom and knowledge that brought them thus far and for all of the years they continued to thrive...even with their spouses. It didn't happen. The wisdom I received from them, was God placing me at the right place at the right time. I believed that golden years was aptly named for the retired citizen to enjoy the fruits of their labor. To smile and smell the roses. Instead, the crotchety attitudes or the reclusive behavior had a root system stemming from being angry because the spouse passed away before them, having a better understanding of life and physically unable to do anything about it, and adult children slowly taking away their independence for their own safety, senility, delusional from dementia, and just plain scared. If any of them shared some life skills would they enjoy these last years any better then they do?

Tweaking a marriage is a little different. Its a personal preference and also something to wonder if the person has the elevator going all the way to the top floor. This character has a great idea that seems harmless to try and then takes that harmless idea to a whole other kind of level without considering the other person. Adding someone else into the relationship will never, ever, work! Adding more children when the other has had enough isn't the best idea either. Moving to the other side of the country or to another country because the jobs are plentiful or the money is better is switching the love from each other into materials...especially without asking the architect of it all.... its a recipe for disaster.

I mentioned how much I like synchronized dancing and when the dancers flow effortlessly - its even better. Here is a couple I originally introduced in The Kingdom Living Blog. The entry is entitled, You'll Never Feel Happy.... It is the lyrics to the song they are dancing to. The movement of this couple almost puts me to tears because its the plan set to music. There is an order that creates such artistry - its amazing to watch.  I couldn't decide which video to use to express what I am trying to convey. Both pieces are amazing because of their union and agreement to keep the order of their marriage. Notice in the last video, the couples at the end aren't married. Do you see a difference in how they dance? Also notice, they don't finish the entire piece either.

Arguing is disorder (2 Timothy 2:23 AMP). It is one person trying to win the other person over to his/her side. It continues because of the immaturity in not understanding the discord an argument can bring (James 4:1 AMP). It also shows what the other person is not willing to do: listen and /or appease the situation. In a ministry, where I used to attend, I learned whenever stepping into a new task, pray. The next lesson was whenever going to work having to deal with all sorts of personalities, pray. The final lesson was noticing the difference in the peaceful existence when prayer was implemented as opposed to when it wasn't. There was a vast difference and one I will never be without. This cannot be any different when married. Your spouse, soon to be spouse, or the both of you will have to go outside of the house to work, or shop, or go to school, or whatever it is and other people will be involved. To keep the order and peace that Jesus has given to us, do the thing that Christians know to do best. Pray.

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