Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scary Family

We all have them. What used to be called "the black sheep" (the rebel) has now turned into a freaking herd! Are you the only normal one and is it something that should be introduced to your intended right from the gate? Think this one through - seriously! Its like that sitcom from the 1960's, The Munsters. They had that one regular looking niece, yet she never saw what everyone else did.

I wrote an entry to this blog a few years ago entitled, Slim Pickin's. In it, I described for the one hoping to be married, not to feel desperate but encouraged because God is doing what only He can do. He moves the mooches, gold diggers, slackers, hood rats, hoochie-mamas, clowns, and freaks out of the way for you to see the true one that is equally yoked with you. Its a wonderful thing - that is, unless you realize that you have a moocher or a freak because it is your equivalence (2 Corinthians 6:14 AMP). Its something to work on if you don't wish to spend the rest of your life with such a person - clean up your own character (Haggai 1:5-7 AMP).

The scariest of families aren't the ones that allow for you to see their "dirty laundry" off the bat. They wait to see if you can tolerate bits and pieces. If you can accept that then they will allow you to see a little bit more. If that doesn't phase you, some will show you the whole sha-bang. The question is, why didn't you take off running like you were on fire? Why are you still there looking to see what else they have to show? Aren't you the one calling the victim names in a horror flick for being so curious? Don't you call the girl stupid for having weak ankles when its time to run in those thriller movies? You're the one telling the black guy not to open the door, knowing he is the first to be killed. Why are you waiting to see what comes of a relationship when the warning is staring you in the face (Proverbs 3 AMP)?

There was a couple that had been dating for years before they decided that they need to be married. When
they made the decision, they also made plans for their future. One of the things that was in the plan - children. She wasn't really interested in having children but for him, she would make the sacrifice. They then discussed how to raise their children and what would be the best schools for them. One of the things he brought up was his own childhood. He didn't like the rules his mother enforced upon him for whatever her reasons were - he promised he would never do those things to his child. She asked what were they. He proceeded to tell her the horrors he went through. He was forced to quit high school to get a job to help support the family when his parents divorced. He also remembered when he was punished, his mother spanked him for the things he did and what was in his mind to do later on. She gasped at hearing all that he told her and they vowed never to do this to their children. Fast forward: 5 years later, the couple had 3 sons. She recognized some tendencies her husband had when it came time to discipline them. Though she tried to speak to him about being excessive, his rebuttal was, "you never had brothers, this is how a man raises men. You wouldn't understand." He continued with his way as she began regretting her choice of husband material.

I have not studied human behavior all of my life. With that disclaimer, if asked where this sort of behavior comes from, I am sure there would be a litany of answers. Personally, I believe families that have become like this stems from selfishness (Philippians 2:3 AMP). Whether its a man who refuses to marry because he doesn't want to lose half of all that he has built for himself or someone who has an inheritance and doesn't share any of it - the outcome is never good (Luke 6:45 AMP). That behavior is seed which when planted that harvest would be bitter with an outcome that has much to do with the characteristics of the enemy (John 10:10 AMP). Its funny how that seed has the same result as sin.

Truthfully, the majority of this blog has much to do with being tricked in or into relationships. Along in that same vein, you have to admit, in order for you to be tricked you weren't really paying much attention. So, if we are still being truthful, unless you completely read many of these entries, your bible, and/or be a ready listener to God's voice, you were heading down the trail of being tricked no matter what. Seriously, there would be no one to blame but yourself. Disregarding this truth can also send you down another path you will eventually regret as well (James 1:22 KJV).

This is how one rebel is turned into a whole herd - disregarding the warning signs. He/she doesn't think any thing they do is wrong. When Lot's daughters were leaving Sodom and Gomorrah, why did they believe the solution to their dilemma was to have sex with their father (Genesis 19:31-35 AMP)? The result of their decision is the reason why the Middle East is fighting to this day. That's a whole country! They are all family!!!

About a scary family, prayer changes things. Know that if you walk into a situation willingly, believing God will make the necessary changes, it will take faith and patience (James 1:4 AMP). Moses was afraid and stuttered when he spoke, yet he was able to lead the children of Israel from Pharaoh. Now, remember how the children of Israel was appreciative of Moses' efforts. Recall how long before they reached the promise land. Notice their reaction when they were fed from heaven. Eventually, we (the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus) got it right.... do you see that? Do you really need to go through all of that - again?

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