Tuesday, April 29, 2014

He Gets a Pass?

How does that work? Please explain it to me so I can be as meek and humble as you are (Matthew 11:29 AMP). Isn't that the reason you gave him a pass? I mean, you are trying your level best to live accordingly and he has been on you like he'll keel over and die if he doesn't get his next "love" fix. So why does he get a pass to go off and do what he does with someone else but is still engaged to be married to you?

Boys will be boys is a subject matter I wrote about in this very blog some years ago. In it, we actually wrestle with the foolishness that a woman desires to have a boy in a relationship. She needs a man. Boys aren't responsible or disciplined. Just look at a bunch of teens. Every freaking thing is funny and they think their exploits are original and cool. My point being, to hit it and quit it is something a boy is expected to do. He doesn't care. A woman seeing those characteristics won't stick around to see what the end results might bring. She already knows - move on!

I frown when I hear women giving their fiances, boyfriends, and in some cases husbands a pass. Their reason being that in a relationship, one must take the good along with the bad (2 Corinthians 6:13-15 AMP). That in a relationship, no one is perfect (Hebrews 6:1 AMP). In a relationship, communication and honesty is key and it is better that he tells her what he did then for her to find out through other means (Hebrews 13:4 AMP). Hm, while it all sounds as if its good because we have heard it so many times before, all I really hear is insecurity and a reason for her to get a pass too. Know that the shoe doesn't fit as neat and comfortable when he has to give her a pass. As much as it isn't accepted, there is still a double standard. He can speak and act like its okay but on the inside you are a definite whore in his eyes. He will plot for you to leave him because of your infidelity. There maybe some exceptions, but seriously seek marital counseling to make sure
all is actually well.

Why is that? Why aren't men as forgiving as women? Why do we accept so much crap knowing its painful to deal with but there are children involved, a mortgage to keep up with, and what would be the plan if you leave? Did I answer that question with a question? Is it because men bounce back (financially) faster then a woman can...even these days when women have more to work with now then ever before? Are men not as forgiving because their relationship with God isn't as strong or is it their faith that is at fault?

I have my own theories. You see we know that without faith its impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6 AMP). We have exhausted what characteristics to look for in a mate in so many entries in this blog. We have discussed all of the pitfalls to look for when he/she is gorgeous, there is still a loop hole created and available just for you to be safe (Psalm 91:1-8 AMP). Even compromising our standards have been studied and thoroughly divided (Proverbs 25:26 AMP). So what could it be now? Where has this element of getting a  "pass" been? Answer: Tucked away right under your nose.

Its that small element that can guide a ship to its destination or be completely destroyed. That small tool that causes cursing and blessing. That one tiny device that will make a man believe you love him and one fault will cause you to hate the day he was born. It is the power of your tongue (James 3:1-10 AMP).

You see, I have been wondering how long men were going keep embracing the idea that they are dogs. Why would this be considered a good thing to them? I recall a young man not only liked the idea but changed the spelling of the word. It wasn't long before being a dog was more like being a DAWG. I guess the misspelling of that word made it cool. But you are still calling him what it is...an animal - albeit domestic, its still an animal. Nevertheless, a generation of DAWGS grew up just long enough to do what the actual animal does. Have you seen a female dog in heat? They attract at least 8 other male dogs and are walking the streets until exhausted. During their walk, they stop every few steps and take turns mounting her. This continues until her cycle is over. Now back to that generation doing what animals do. As they have mounted women who have accepted them and their flaws, seed has been sown and now miniature replicas of these DAWGS have been produced. Others have grown and written music calling now some of their female counter parts bitches.
Aren't bitches female dogs? Well, who likes to be called a bitch? It used to be fighting words when I was a teen. Then it changed to being a bee-yatch. Was that better? I suppose....its not something to fight about anymore. Friends now call each other their bitches and the guys call each other their dawgs. Alright, now there's more then one generation growing and procreating where being a bitch and a dog is acceptable.

Oh, now it makes sense. Seeing we speak to those things that be not as though they were, we have called it into existence (Romans 4:17, Mark 11:24, Hebrews 11:1AMP) . Well of course the guys can have a pass for mounting her then. It was his duty with her being in heat and all. Selah.

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