Saturday, July 3, 2010

What If....?

Ladies, what if the Holy Spirit, Who shows us things to come (John 16:13 KJV), allowed you to see who your spouse is. He showed you and without a doubt you know it is him because of how you feel on the inside and you like what you see. Now, what is it that you need to do at that instant? Is there any instruction that the Holy Spirit is giving you? Would there be? If He is showing you who he is, would He be telling you anything else? You already know what the Word says about the matter. Should you wait to see if he (the guy) gets the same information and has the same reaction as you? Should you tell your friends hoping they can give you more insight than what the Holy Spirit gave you? Wisdom states to find her early while you can (Proverbs 8:1-17 KJV). Where would she be in all of this? While you selah on that, the men have their own situation.

Gentlemen, what if the Holy Spirit made the presentation of her (Genesis 2:22 MSG)? You can tell it is the Holy Spirit as you always have and He is directing you to see the woman you tried to search for based on the Psalm scripture.You cried and wailed for a wife and now His is showing you who she is. At the same time, He is telling her who you are. Your eyes meet at the exact same time and something within ignites. Its the chemistry that everyone says happens when you see "the one". Really? you say to yourself. You are all tingly happy and scared at the same time. What do you do now? Do you get your suave walk and rap together? What is the next thing that is supposed to happen?

You both are staring at each other some distance away. Others see the two of you and neither one of you has still made a move. Both of you feel the same thing. Having never experienced this before, she waits for him to do somthing. He shakes his head as if to wake from a trance and moves on with his day. What was that, you both say to yourself and to the Holy Spirit. There is no answer.

This scenario actually happened. It is more than likely has happened to a few people. With one minister, he married the woman of his dreams and continues to hear clear sound instruction from God. While the entranzed woman who had the chemistry lock with said minister couldn't believe he married someone else. According to the other congregants, the woman's emotional frame of mind had to be strengthened. To another man, he asked all of his church buddies and actually showed them who the woman was. He received all sorts of information about the woman. All of which were lies. He even hired a private investigator and what turned up was an average credit score. The credit score made his mind up for him. She waited and waited. She asked one associate about it hypothetically. The associate answered, if he hasn't approached her by now, he's just not interested. Not liking the advice, the woman continued to wait knowing that there had to be some thread in it if he sees her and ignores her existence. She had to come to terms years later and then questioned whether she actually heard from God at all.

The conclusion of this entry isn't the twinklie frosted edged ever after that's seen in the movies. Once we grow from baby to child, things change. We just don't react in the same manner as we use to. We have learned lessons. We study more and the testing of a man's heart is more often than not. Creflo Dollar, a well known tele-evangelist and senior pastor of World Changers International Ministries, uses the analogy of a believer hearing the word, "Africa". Based on the one word, he packs, sells what he can't pack, quits his job, buys a ticket, and leaves for Africa. Once there he asks God, "now what?" And God says, "....make a financial donation to the organization before leaving the church building.... which is what I said 2 days ago when I began with Africa." The point Pastor Dollar was making is for the believer not  to be so impulsive.

If God really makes the presentation to a man, there is nothing else he would need to do. The anxiety and fear won't allow you to hear anything else if it is truely God. To make an impulsive move on your own to the direction of such a life altering decision, could be catastrophic. We just aren't prompted by feelings anymore. Babies are. They have the tendency to be moved by what they see rather than the faith walk. We are supposed to test all things to know that they are right. Every voice must be tested and it must match, correspond, and is parallel witht he Word of God (1 John 4:1-3 AMP). Anything else like captivating eyes, does just that - holds captive. The truth sets you free.

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