Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Polygraph

It is no wonder that the polygraph is inadmissable in court. It has been deemed as not a direct use of determining whether someone is telling the truth or not. In fact those who have agreed to be under the rule of such a test and know they have lied, can google the ways to fool it. If it has been thought of to use to detect lying, the liars would find a way to either refute it or make others believe that it doesn't work. By means of the purpose of dating and Christianity, the polygraph's use is to let others see what God already knew - you don't have faith and are not trusting Him.

The subject matter of this blog came when I was watching a well known talk show whose fame came about with paternity tests and using the polygraph. In the last season, after keeping from the show for more than a year, I have seen them use different questions on the person suspect of cheating, lying, or just being the same person as he/she was when they first met. The questions that were satisfying for the inquirer were:
1. Did you sleep with so and such?
2. Do you have children with whosoever?
3. Are you doing drugs?

In finding the answers to the same basic questions, the inquirer is satisfied though his/her life is devastated because all of the invested time that was put into the relationship, the children they had out of wedlock, the wedding that is scheduled in less than two weeks; nevertheless, at least they didn't go through with saying vows and really be committed, right? Seeing it like that looks all discombobulated and convoluted. Why even bother going through the relationship when finding out that which was already suspected? And yet when looking for the follow up, there they are -  together. I suppose we could thank them for being so entertaining; and their less than 15 minutes of fame is over. We don't usually think about them again. This would cause ratings to decrease, so the new questions were asked:
1. Do you love me?
2. Are you happy with our sex life?
3. Do you regret marrying (moving in with) me?
4. Do you still love your ex?

The first question seems to be the all important one and then when the other answers to the remaining questions are answered, the first one has fallen to the way side. I don't understand if all of the trust is put into a test that is faulty and the inquirer finds that the mate doesn't love him/her, why should there be any interest in hearing the answers to the other questions. "He doesn't love you!" Your heart heard it and then your mind says, "yeah. but wait, does he love the  sex and would he still like to be with his ex?" And then I am entertained again because it is crazy.

Christians with the good sense God has given us wouldn't think to do such things and on T.V. too - HA! Really? I have heard ministers recommend getting a private investigator and to also get a credit check done before making a commitment to anyone. You wouldn't want him/her to louse up your credit after you worked so hard to keep it in good standing. Is that the same thing as what the world does using the polygraph? Is it a lack of faith in God or is it common sense to use all of what technology has to offer?

Personally, it would be a waste of money to do. The polygraph, a private investigator, getting a credit check on someone all costs something. I believe if God says it, that settles it. If you know the voice of the Good Shepherd and He said this is the one and all you can think about is to find dirt on this person, then you will find it. The question, then becomes, "why Father did You say this is the one?" The Father would never match someone to another who isn't equally yoked with that person. So I would think when the dirt is found to not look at the person who has the dirt but at yourself who has swept your own mess under the rug and was looking to take a speck out of someone else's eye (Matthew 7:4-6 NIV).

God told a man I know who his wife is. He was pleased with what he found. In dating she let him know that she is not good with money. He used his dating experience as a testimony that when he saw what she was like with money, he took the time to teach her how to budget and allowed her time to make what he taught her a habit. She paid all of her bills and was out of debt in a few months. She was grateful and he has a good thing. What happened? She must have had horrible credit. Why would God put those two people together? I believe God saw the heart of this man and trusted him to do what he did. They are a blessed couple of many years of marriage to this day.

The polygraph test is still used in our everyday lives as well as dating. We have it already built in if we could get passed trying to impress the other and use the skills God has given us (Mark 11:22-24 KJV). It is called the Word of God. If God tells us to use His Word to remind Him of His promises, why wouldn't we use it in our everyday language? No, I don't mean talking Elizabethian English, I mean using it for what it does. If the wages of sin are death and the Word is light and life, shouldn't it overcome the other? Hasn't Jesus done this already? I use the Word where ever I can and I have seen its power work. People tell me the oddest things and then look as if they try to get those words back or for me to forget what they just said. Yes, it is another source of entertainment and a good reason to pray. For the purpose of dating it is ideal.

I know that we don't take everything we would like to do to God. We think we have the ability to do whatever, and then when it all falls in our faces, then we go to Him to ask forgiveness and repent. Was the lesson learned? The test comes, and there we are again. This blog should give you the where withal to use the Word of God as your polygraph. It won't offend God and it puts your faith to work. You know it is impossible to please Him without faith so use it. For the others whose faith isn't there yet and still think that the polygraph would be better, just remember that the Word tells us that all things are permissable but all things are not profitable (1 Corinthians 6:12 AMP). With God wishing above all things that we be in health and prosper even as our soul prospers (3 John 2 KJV), I would think profitability would beat out things that are just permissable.

It is only the Word where we can find the truth that makes and sets us free (John 8:32 KJV). It is the best polygraph there is!

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