Monday, December 28, 2009

Jesus Did Say You Would Be Fishers of Men

A woman, I thought I knew, and I went shopping in the mall. We stopped at a perfume boutique. I was specifically looking for a scent of which I forgot the name. She was browsing and would incessantly call me to smell something she thought smelled good for herself. One aroma after another, most of her selection was the equivalence eau deaux (fragrance of) horse's behind (exaggeration, believe me). As I had mentioned to her before, even though some love the scent, I do not like smelling like food. To wit her reply was, "good luck catching a man."

What can one say after that? Recall that we no longer speak in that manner being Christian and all. She is Christian as well which refers back to the afore mentioned comment, of her being someone I thought I knew. Yet it is what I believe too many women think they must have the mind stayed on a particular goal; her's being to catch a man. That was bothersome and left me speechless momentarily.

Now that I think about it, isn't that why we buy perfume? I recall a pastor's wife telling the women in that ministry to purchase perfume for specific times. When in the mood to wear a scent for that as opposed to an every day fragrance. It was for the purpose for a husband to catch certain signals. Which would be a good enough idea as long as the woman is married to do such things. An unmarried woman would frustrate herself seeing that the word says an unmarried man would have his mind on the things of God and not the world. So this could not apply for today's single Christian woman. Then one would have to ask, would it be the goal of a single Christian woman with the desire to marry to catch a man?

To answer this question, I would have to refer to the Word. After all, it is the truth that sets us free and the truth can only be found in the Word of God. What I would hope is that those reading this would not automatically assume if it goes against what you were thinking that I must be taking the scripture out of context. I could go through the history of who is speaking and to who he/she is speaking to; but would the verse make it more or less applicable to you? You do the studying and see if after you find all of the context in order and then apply the particular verse to your life, was it better or worse for the effort? For the sake of this blog and in answering the question, I can refer to the Song of Solomon. I have used this before and if you have read any of the other postings, you can see it was not to the benfit of the woman to seek the man of her desires. I can also refer to Proverbs where it has been written the man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord. Of course we can depict the difference between the man finding her as opposed to her doing the finding, but it would be in vain. I would much rather refer to simply what Jesus said for us to do, seek out the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things shall be added unto you. All of what things? All of the things we hope for by faith. If we change those goals and be more focused on Him, don't things just come anyway? Hasn't that been your experience? It has been mine. So I have learned not to consider those desires for I will get them anyway.

What I do know is when we focus on satisfying the flesh then that is the harvest we will receive. Wouldn't that be the only reason for a woman to catch a man? In the parable of talents, the man who had one talent and decided to hide it in the dirt because of fear, he hid his talent in the very substance that the flesh was created. When the master heard the excuses of this man, the master was angry and had this man banished from his presence where the outcome was gnashing of the teeth. Now some might think this verse is taken out of context is not applicable here. But those believing that would be wrong.

The Word tells us that we cannot be angry with the words that we speak but must live by the fruit thereof. Therefore if a woman even says to herself that she needs to get a man (for whatever the reason) and that what she says comes to pass, can she be shocked to find that once those urges have been satisfied, that the man doesn't have a job, house, car, money, ambition, a life, etc? It is the fruit of the flesh - lack. When she divorces this man and seeks another with the same outcome; eventhough he has a job and a house but he procratinates and doesn't like his what he does and is considering early retirement without a plan or bank for the future. Again, it is lack.

 If you really thought about it, how can a woman catch a man and then he be the head of her. It wasn't his idea to get her to be his wife. It was her idea. So wouldn't it be appropriate for him to think that she will take care of him, she will provide for him, she will make sure he has all he needs to be a blessing to her? And yet, some men have these very thoughts and women don't have a problem with it - at least their not saying much about it - yet.

When one takes the Word out of context one has confusion in their life. God is not the author of confusion; therefore, take heed to what is written. You know Jesus didn't mean for women to fish for men for the purpose of our own means. He did intend for our hearts and minds to be stayed on Him so we can establish the beginnings of Kingdom Living - peace.

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