Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I wrote a chapter in a manuscript still yet to be published entitled Beauty Fades. The title comes from a verse in scripture where one might interpret that the fading of beauty is what comes with age and that beauty doesn't refer to men. That, I would think, is a gross misinterpretation of the Word and I am aim (by the wisdom given to me liberally) to make it as clear as I can for us all to be delivered from repeating error.

I called this entry substance because it is what we hope for by faith. It is our expectation for the eventual manisfestation of answered prayers. The substance we hope for we believe, is for good knowing that the answers to our prayer from God is yea and amen. That means He would be in agreement with us - again, it being good, right? Why then don't we get those prayers answered immediately? Could it be that we are not ready for it or that it isn't ready for us?

ABC has a new sitcom this year called Cougar Town staring Courtney Cox, a divorcee forty something year old woman with a teenaged son. She tormentsd her neighbor across the street from her, a forty something year old playboy who enjoys bedding  different young women and sending them on their way the next morning. Courtney's character realizes what he does and on one episode tells him what he does is disgusting because he doesn't know any of the women but if he did take the time he wouldn't do what he does to them. He scoffed at her but took what she said to heart. The next woman he bedded he allowed her to stay for breakfast and listened to her while he read the newspaper. He found her words to be drivel and regretted trying to be personable with her. The regret went as far as him excusing himself from the table, going to the front door, stepping out of the house to scream OMG (without the abbreviation)! He found that as beautiful  as the young woman was, she had no substance. This was true of all of  the women he was dating (actually, having sex with)). Eventually, he realized the women he was able to get was because he was just like them - without substance. Who prays for this? Who asks for a gorgeous man or beautiful woman for a spouse? When does one get passed the ourward appearance?

I wrote a blog entitled, Who Are We Supposed To Trust? In it I use purchasing an apple as an analogy. The apple was red, large, and looked very juicy. The tiny black pin dots meant the slight imperfections of the fruit, or so I thought. When biting into it, it had the texture of a sponge. With all of the spraying to increase the esthetics of its shelf life, the nutritional value - its substance, was lost. Do people do this with themselves too?

The Word tells us that bodily exercise profits little (1 Timothy 4:8 KJV), yet there is some profit to it. I will grant that we must be physically attracted to one another before even making a move; however, once the move has been made and we find no substancer there, are we obligated to stay evenb when no vows have been spoken? Should a man who like to eat be with someone who can't and refuses to learn to cook? Should an ambitious woman continue to date a man who is satisfied witha GED and cleaning offices at night? Should a single pastor marry a woman who dreams of being a socialite? While all of this can go either way, where is the substance that was hoped for? Is it there? How much time does it take to find that? Be watchful; stay alert!

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