Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do You Love Yourself?

I try not to watch too much of Maury Povich because of all of the tears that come from obtaining what is perceived as being the truth. However, as much as I try, I find there are one or two that says something out from their emotion that inspires me to write an entry to this blog. Yesterday, I watched a rerun of the aforementioned program. Normally, I just don't like reruns much, but there wasn't anything else on. Anyway, this woman knew that her live in boyfriend was cheating on her (don't they all?). He has done it before, but this time if the tests come back that he's  into his old ways, she really and truly is going to leave him. I have found in these last 5 years or so, the women have learned to ask pertinent questions on that lie detector that is more revealing then if he has cheated or not. They ask if he is still interested in marriage or if he really does love her. Its funny when it is found that he is cheating on her again but the test also reveals that he loves her too (this is not the episode, just a sample of the show).

Another thing I find interesting is when the women defend the men that they are absolutely wonderful fathers but they treat the mother of their children like crap. How can he be so wonderful when he is teaching his daughter that as long as she stays a child, daddy will love you and is teaching his son that women are crap - including your mother?

On one of those lie detector/paternity test episodes, the woman found that her boyfriend was cheating on her with prostitutes and other women that she had already suspected. One of the questions she had the professional ask of her boyfriend was if he had used protection with the prostitutes and these other women. He said yes, but the lie detector found that he was not telling the truth (Luke 8:17 AMP). She began to wail when finding the real answer. She couldn't understand why he would do such a thing to her, the woman he professed so much love for (1 Corinthians 13:3-10 AMP). Then between her sobs, her senses returned and she said something that I found quite profound: "You don't even love yourself. I was pregnant at the time. What if I got an STD or the baby could have got sick because of you?" He held his head in his hands and continued to apologize (Matthew 10:10 AMP).

It would be around that time where I would wonder if she would take him back seeing he has done this before. I didn't bother to think about it. She had an epiphany. If she took him back after that, the bible speaks of those women as being foolish tearing down their own house (Proverbs 14:1 AMP). He doesn't love himself; therefore, why would you think you could have any kind of future with him. A weak woman would answer, because we have children and I would like for our family to stay together. The truth being, no matter what you desire, if he is not in agreement, he will do whatever he has to, to get away or make you finally, finally realize... he doesn't love you - he never did.

I thought this entry would be specifically for women, but its by the Spirit of God that I can see where men would benefit from reading this as well. Men being created first and the head of the woman, he has to get past all of the dysfunction that he might have had in his life whether it be childhood or some other traumatic event. He has to learn to forgive and move on. Stagnating in life is the refusal to forgive - whether it be yourself, someone else or God. Forgive already! Do it several times a day and everyday until you can no longer sense any of the animosity when someone mentions that name or reminded of the past. Seek to bless the person to solidify your complete and total healing. Then saturate yourself in the Word of God (Joshua 1:8 KJV). There is no way you can love anyone else until you find out what and who love is (1 John 4:8 KJV). Its just not possible, I don't care what anyone says.

Then there are us women. What are we thinking of by placing someone as the head of us who cannot prove how much he loves himself? The word tells us not to give place to the devil. If we see how much he loves himself, then can he take all of those efforts for himself and put it on you? When has he done this? When he coerces you to have sex without marriage? That's just like an animal peeing all around his territory. There is no love for you there. Its fear so you won't have a desire for anyone else. Why won't he put a ring on it? Does he see something in you that he questions? Does this mean that you should use your feminine wiles to wrangle him? That's carnal behavior as well (Romans 8:6-8 KJV). Where is your love walk? Don't you love yourself more then just a booty-call?

It has been reported that there is a number 1 silent killer of women that has been on the rise as of late. Assuming it was some sort of cancer, I half listened tot he report. I then heard the commentator say, it was heart disease. Not listening to anything else the commentator was saying, I tried to incorporate the word in with these statistics wondering how could the script have been flipped. For the longest time, it was the men getting these diseases and it started to migrate in other countries that never had to deal with these health issues. I signed off on the matter thinking it was the increase of technology and women in the work force are now getting the jobs they fought for with the same sort of pay as men. They then will also have to deal with all of the anguish and stress that men had to deal with. This made perfect sense to me. No, I didn't see the Word in my reasoning, but it still sounded plausible - right?

I wrote an entry in another blog site called, A Heart Condition. In it I wrote about matters we all face and allowing our emotions to get the best of us. What I didn't write is the correlation to what is happening with women today. If we only knew or could just remember that God has told us all not to put our trust in man and it is the way of the world to involve trust in a relationship (Psalm 146:3 KJV). Man is doing all he can do with himself. He needs a wife to learn how to care for himself. Why, in the name of Jesus, would we give our heart to someone who don't know how to care for his own. And even if he did, would he handle your heart with as much care as he would his own? The only one that knows how to handle hearts is the one that created them. Personally, I believe the condition of women with all they have to do, they have forgotten to guard their hearts. It is why the disease is trying to take over, according to the statistics reported.

It is one of the oddest things I have ever written because I am use to the medical reports and all that has been depicted in the news. A renewed mind straightens all of that out. If we learn to love ourselves through Christ Jesus, then guarding our hearts would come easy. We wouldn't be so easily infatuated with flattering words and batting eye lashes. Interviewing for that anointed good thing would be sweat less and married life would remain the wonderful institution that God intended. Being scared because it will always be Momma's baby and Daddy's maybe, comes to a screeching halt. When Jesus was on the cross at the point of death and the guard pierce Him in His side, the blood and water gushed from His body (John 19:33-35 KJV). That blood was what made his eyes see. He couldn't have had the regret that he had until the blood did what it was supposed to do. Let that be your lesson. Until the blood does what it is meant to do, you cannot see, you cannot function in Him, you cannot love yourself and therefore, could never love anyone else. She has to have the blood of the lamb to be anointed - to be a wife. He has to have the blood of the lamb to be a husband. Its as simple as that!

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