Monday, August 8, 2011

He Doesn't Talk

A friend of mine came to visit me a few nights ago. We are both single and was talking about going to the mall for some window shopping (something I particularly detest). She was trying to convince me and in some kind of way, the conversation steered around to back in the day, when we use to date and the looks men give that can make a woman weak in the knees. We both had our stories about when the best thing to do was run like Joesph from Potiphar's wife. We laughed describing how we were shaking just to get away from them and not being able to understand why we were so shaken up by them.

She left after we talked for more then three hours and had not gone anywhere to shop. We didn't look at any television and had dinner right there in my apartment. It was different for me. We usually would go out and about somewhere meeting other people from our church or just going to see a movie. It was just refreshing for the both of us sitting there and talking. I hadn't done that in so long.

I also started to think if there were people that were starving for that kind of adult conversation. I recall being a housewife and raising a family, I was so glad when I got a phone call from any adult just to have someone to have adult conversation with. It solidified the scripture for me that it was not good for man to be alone. I also thought about those who were punished in solitary confinement. They had to either start talking to themselves or needed therapy not to become mentally ill. People that are elderly need to have some human contact or they begin to lose their purpose for living and fall into a deep depression. Having been employed in the geriatric community, I have seen this too many times.

I just wondered about men  who have seen as many times as I have, where they are depicted in the media as the part of the human population that doesn't like to communicate and talk about their feelings. For a man to be sensitive, he must be in touch with his feminine side. What kind of bull is that? If any man is living that sort of lie, that in order for him to be any sort of man, he has to be sullen, mysterious, and a woman has to do back flips just to find out what his day consisted of - you are already in need of some therapy. Recall my Christian brothers, we do not comply to the things of this world. If this is the way they have decided to be - let them. You must separate yourself.

Now if you decide that you are in compliance to what the Word tells us to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to wrath (James 1:19 AMP) - then I have no qualms with you. Nevertheless, if this becomes your mantra for the rest of your life without also including, if you abide in Him and the Word abides in you then you can have whatsoever you say (John 15:7 KJV) or the verse where you are to speak good things (Matthew 12:33-35 KJV) - then you can't complain with what you get.

I can appreciate a quiet man even though the world says a quiet man can be sneaky.  I would however find it difficult to befriend such a man when it is necessary to talk to get to know him or to even ask someone for a date. Being shy is not apart of Christianity and while the younger generation might find that appealing because of ignorance, to a well versed woman, it leaves a bad taste.

In drawing closer to God, I find that there are times where He can be quiet as well. Those times used to be so disturbing to me. What? After I went through all of that trying to learn how to draw near and now...NOW, He gets quiet?!! I have learned with all that He has given to me, it is those quiet times when tests come. What teacher speaks when the student is taking a test? I have come to learn to appreciate the quiet. I am more apt to pass more tests.

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