Sunday, April 17, 2016

If It Wasn't For That Woman...

Earlier this week I was driving to work and listening to some Christian talk radio, as I often do. I love listening to God's Word and receiving revelation knowledge. In this particular show I was listening to, the topic was relationship and in specific, it was the family. I did agree that the break down of the nuclear family means the break down of communities and society as we know it. It was so poignant and profound. The two men who were hosting had a female speaker. They were getting along all so well..and then one of the men asked her a question about the wife and if it were anyone else's responsibility for her happiness but her own. The female speaker hesitated slightly and then said some annoying cliche instead of the Word.
Why? Why? Freaking why?

She was doing so well before that. She had them eating out of the palm of her hand. It was pleasant and peaceful. Then she says, "I know the old adage is a happy wife, a happy life but it not how we live. Each of us is responsible for our own happiness." Before I turned the radio off and had my own rant with the Lord, I waited to see what the two male hosts had to say. They also paused briefly before giving a sigh of relief and asking for her to repeat herself (2 Timothy 4:1-5 AMP). By that time, I was seething and wondering why no one called in (because it wasn't a call in show), why no one clicked them off the air (because there was no "dead air"), or why God didn't correct them right then and there with a fourth party (because I wouldn't have had this entry to write).

Let's begin where it first all began...its not like we haven't been here before. Adam and Eve, yeah the real beginning of families and relationships. Where the real ruin of relationships got its roots and continues on even this day. Its when Adam...Adam...Adam disobeyed God (Genesis 3:17-19 AMP). I just don't get why no one preaches about that. Its not like anyone on the pulpit represents Adam. we all are representing Christ. So call a duck a duck!!! Adam was created first. He was the head of Eve. He had rule over EVERYTHING!!!  (Genesis 1:26-31 AMP)How come this is not incorporated in understanding relationships. With Jesus, man resumes his position and with benefits. Seriously, get this!!!

If Adam guarded the garden and protected it like he was supposed to, the serpent would have never spoken to Eve. If Adam named everything that God brought to him, Eve would have had her name before the "fall of man"(Genesis 2:19-20 AMP). Adam's first offense allowed the serpent in. Adam's second offense allowed for the woman to be beguiled by the serpent.

Image result for sigh of reliefNow, let's understand relationship. God said, if you meditate on the Word day and night, then you will have good success (Joshua 1:8 AMP). Why would you have to meditate on the Word day and night. Isn't that being too excessive? No one really studies that much  - does anyone? It's ridiculous, right? But in order for you to get good grades in school, you studied. In order to finish college to get a good job, you studied. In order to do well to get a promotion, you studied. What's the issue here? In order to have good success, you need God. How else are you going to get that? You are NOTHING without Him (John 15:5 AMP). Jesus studied for more than 18 years. Didn't He have good success?

So now, let's connect the dots. God gave everything to Adam to have dominion. He gave him a woman to be his help. She was created for man (get over yourself ladies and stop trying to get around that one). She cannot help him unless he has told her of his vision...the one God gave him. You know, He told Adam to protect the garden. He told Adam to name all of the animals in the garden. He told Adam to till the garden. We know he did not do that. But what about you, gentlemen? Do you know what you are called to do so the woman that God has created just for you knows how she can bring all of her skills and talents in to make the vision a reality (Proverbs 29:18 AMP)? No? Then why are you pursuing her?

Getting back to the dots...if she is unhappy in the relationship, would you not care? If she has become flesh of your flesh and bone of your bone, would you not ask what the matter is? If she is one with you, why would you not have a concern of her well being? This is what made me so angry about the radio show. You cannot flip back and forth in and out of the Spirit. You either are walking in it or your aren't (James 1:5-8 AMP). How can any ministry teach other wise? We cannot please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6 AMP). There is no other way to have faith but in the Spirit. So why? Why? WHY?

If you, gentlemen stubbed your toe, would you not take a moment to see if it is bleeding? Wouldn't you stop walking until the throbbing stopped? When you get out the shower, do you not take the time to dry yourself off? Would you not protect your skin with some sort of moisturizer? Do you use aftershave after you shave? When you nick yourself with the razor, don't you use a band aid or those little pieces of tissue to blot the blood? Why do you do that? Because you care for yourself - right? Shall I pause and allow you to think of that calmly (selah)?

Together, as man and woman, you are 1 (Genesis 2:24 AMP). Just one. God sees it that way. The laws of the land see it that way and you should be offended if anyone sees it any other way but that way. Correct? Soooooo, if she is unhappy, who is responsible for her happiness? Is it all on her? Dude...really? If you truly believe that, you need to be single. Seriously.

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